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  • Remember: don't resume ordering from Amazon until after the New Year's holiday
  • Fiscal End of Year Spending for LSBEC fund (see Encumbrance Report Basics) - call in any EFEES
  • Double check with CRS & F&B to make sure Allocation amounts are accurate


  •  EOY spending begins



  • Begin pulling budget numbers bi-weekly for "Spending Commitments Report" - "Monographs" section
  • Contact  YBP to get YBP Technical Processing Fees projection for April, May, June
  • Contact  YBP to get spend projections for Approvals and DDA for April, May, June
  • Remind CRS of EBS year end selections:  in 2019 we’ll have: MUSE, T&F, CUP, Wiley UBS
  • Batch report on HCFIR-HMWC fund spend.  Verify that all charges are set to the 679609 55600 project ID in Peoplesoft


  • pull budget numbers weekly for "Spending Commitments Report" - "Monographs" section
  • EOY spending ends
  • Check with Kelly S at EBSCO/GOBI  to make sure there aren’t any missed credits/unpaids 


  • Begin holding invoices as needed, track held invoices on shared spreadsheet
  • Modify YBP record loads in June as needed, to delay invoicing into July: 
    •  stop the autopay part of the YBP load scripts.  
    • stop POs from turning from NEVER to TODAY as part of the load
  • Monitor CORAL orders - no credit card payments from approx 13th - 20th to allow for close (check p-card reconciliation calendar)
  • early June: prep for Fiscal Year Rollover 
  • ealy June:End of Fiscal Year Processes





  • Assign  fund allocations per HD 


  • Textbook ordering - Spring semester begins




  • Fiscal End of Year (EOY) Spending for LSBEC fund (see Encumbrance Report Basics)
    • Request invoices from vendors & pay
    • If $$ for new fiscal year over 5% increase from previous year, contact CRS
  • Suspend ordering from Amazon business prime 2 weeks before holiday break (to prevent any non-delivery errors) & don't resume ordering from Amazon until after the New Year's holiday


?Fiscal year approval orders

?Fiscal year firm orders

?Fiscal year BBR, Books by Demand, DDA and Textbooks

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