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  • Remember: don't resume ordering from Amazon until after the New Year's holiday
  • Fiscal End of Year Spending for LSBEC fund (see Encumbrance Report Basics) - call in any EFEES
  • Double check with CRS & F&B to make sure Allocation amounts are accurate


  •  EOY spending begins



  • Begin pulling budget numbers bi-weekly for "Spending Commitments Report" - "Monographs" section
  • Contact  YBP to get YBP Technical Processing Fees projection for April, May, June
  • Contact  YBP to get spend projections for Approvals and DDA for April, May, June
  • Remind CRS of EBS year end selections:  in 2021 we’ll have: MUSE, T&F, CUP, ULAC-OUP
  • Batch report on HCFIR-HMWC fund spend.  Verify that all charges are set to the 679609 55600 project ID in Peoplesoft


  • pull budget numbers weekly for "Spending Commitments Report" - "Monographs" section
  • EOY spending ends
  • Check with Kelly S at EBSCO/GOBI  to make sure there aren’t any missed credits/unpaids 


  • Begin holding invoices as needed, track held invoices on shared spreadsheet
  • Modify YBP record loads in June as needed, to delay invoicing into July: 
    •  stop the autopay part of the YBP load scripts.  
    • stop POs from turning from NEVER to TODAY as part of the load
    • Send Email to Dawn 1 week before

      It's hard to believe but it is that time again. We will begin holding YBP invoices starting DATE.  Please continue with the loads, but stop the autopay part of your script, as well as changing POs from NEVER to TODAY

  • Monitor CORAL orders - no credit card payments from approx 13th - 20th to allow for close (check p-card reconciliation calendar)
  • Last week of June: contact Dawn - stop loading ALL invoice & order/bib records.  
    • DELETE unpaid invoices to prep for rollover
  • early June: prep for Fiscal Year Rollover 
  • early June:End of Fiscal Year Processes





  • Assign  fund allocations per HD 


  • Textbook ordering - Spring semester begins




  • Fiscal End of Year (EOY) Spending for LSBEC fund (see Encumbrance Report Basics)
    • Request invoices from vendors & pay
    • If $$ for new fiscal year over 5% increase from previous year, contact CRS
  • Suspend ordering from Amazon business prime 2 weeks before holiday break (to prevent any non-delivery errors) & don't resume ordering from Amazon until after the New Year's holiday


?Fiscal year approval orders

?Fiscal year firm orders

?Fiscal year BBR, Books by Demand, DDA and Textbooks

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