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Activating a new title

1. Search for the title in the e-Catalog search box along the top of the screen.

2. Click on the correct title in the results list

3. Choose the version of the title associated with the appropriate database. If at all possible, use a database that is already active. If you need to activate a new database or are not sure which one to use, check with the knowledge base manager (Tessa).

4. Confirm that you are actually looking at the title level record, and not the database-level record. Use the image below to identify the differences between these types of records.

5. Click "Edit" on the title-level record.

6. Change the status of the title to "Subscribed." Add custom dates if necessary. Click "Save."


What if I can't determine the correct database to use for a new title?

  • If you have any questions about which database to use, ask Beth or Tessa.

Why can't I find the "Edit" button on the title-level record?

  • If there is no "Edit" button available, it means that database is not active. DO NOT turn on any inactive databases. If you think a title might belong in an inactive database, ask Beth or Tessa to turn the database on.

How can I confirm that I am looking at the title-level record and not the database-level record?

  • View the image below to see the differences between these two records. You should NEVER edit the database-level record without first consulting with Beth or Tessa.