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The Animal Rights Network Collection consists primarily of trade publications (both books and serials) in the area of animal welfare, which were received by the NCSU Libraries in 2004 after the Animal Rights Network Library was closed. Because this was a working collection, the materials contained therein are not "rare" or endangered materials and are thus to be added to the circulating collection at D.H. Hill, rather than to SCRC. These will be linked to other ARN materials in the stacks and within Special Collections through a "virtual special collection", using the 710 noted below. Description and access will be identical to that provided for other STACKS materials.

If there are already two or more copies anywhere in the NCSU Libraries system, please do not add another. All additional copies go to the NCSU Libraries book sale; a box for that purpose is kept in the department. For serials, if you encounter a second copy of an issue that is already part of a bound volume, check with Kris Alpi to see if she wants this stray issue bound/added.

If there are juvenile fiction materials with PZ classification numbers and no easily available non-PZ alternatives, it is fine to classify them in the PZ section although the books are for Hill. You do not need to create to a PR/PS call number. If you need to construct a call number for copy-without-a-call-number or for original cataloging for juvenile fiction, go ahead and classify them in PZ. For more background info. on classifying titles in PZ, see PZ Classification.

Access Specifications

  • Provide access points for all names and firms.
  • Add the  710 for the Animal Rights Network Collection:

710 2 Animal Rights Network Collection (North Carolina State University)|5NcRS

* Library: DHHILL (not SPECCOLL, unless noted)

  • Location: STACKS
  • Item type: BOOK, SERIAL, etc.
  • Item cat2: BLANK (these are NOT gifts)