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Changing Item Library for bound-with titles

When changing a title's item library in Symphony, the system will generate an error message if you are dealing with a bound-with title. In this case, the parent link to the children will need to be broken, and then once each volume is assigned a new item library, the parent and children must be relinked. While this operation can be performed via API, the following steps describe the manual process for this operation.

  1. Use Call Number and Item Maintenance wizard to search parent title by item ID (barcode).
  2. Open the Bound-with tab to view linked titles
  3. Open Bound-with wizard and select current title.
  4. Add parent title to tree.
  5. Highlight call number.
  6. Remove link.
  7. Go back to Call number and Item Maintenance tab and change the Item library of the parent to its new location, e.g. BOOKBOT; the Home location should be STACKS in this case.
  8. Open another instance of Call Number and Item Maintenance.
  9. Search each child record by browsing series, or use the list under the bound-with tab of the parent title.
  10. From the list, change the Call library of those particular children titles bound-within the volume to their new location, e.g. BOOKBOT. Be sure that there are no item records associated with the children titles.
  11. In the bound-with wizard, click on title following Current: to add to tree.
  12. Repeat process with the other children so that all are added to the tree.
  13. Select each child's call number record to Retain for linking.
  14. Click on parent title call number.
  15. Link.
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