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Description / Background

The "Boyette" collection is a set of approximately 1,600 digital photographs from collection UA100.014. CALS. Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. They are referred to in-house as the "Boyette" photographs only because the digitization process began with digitization requests from NCSU Professor Boyette. Collection UA100.014 is not fully processed, nor is the collection guide complete.


Stub assignments have been generated and can be found here once the project begins. Approximately 530 records have been assigned to each staff member.

Materials are already on site in D.H. Hill Library. All materials have been put on the shelves outside of Todd's offic

Work will begin mid-January 2011. Because the photograph series of the collection is not yet processed, the series will serve as a test run for reuse of metadata from digital objects back to finding aids. The 8 core subject headings will be used to group the images into subseries for archival arrangement.

If MDQ time contribution is estimated at 10 hrs/wk each, the project is projected to take a minimum of 4.5 weeks.


For the most part, we will follow the general metadata enhancement guidelines. However, we will deal with subject headings differently than we have before.

Subject Headings

For each image, one of the following 8 subject headings must be assigned (see detailed explanation of how to choose below). If two of these apply to a single image, assign both. However, try to assign the more prominent of two core headings. If an image does not fit with any of these 8 headings, add the subject headings "FLAG-BOYETTE" and email Joyce. Jason, Brian, and Joyce will be able to review these images by searching on the headings "FLAG-BOYETTE". These 8 core headings are experimental at the moment and based on a quick scan of the images; we may find additional headings will be required as core headings as we progress, or we may find the distinction between some of these headings to be less clear than we thought.

You may assign further subject headings beyond the core heading if there is enough information readily available, but do not spend time trying to figure out anything that isn't obvious (for example, don't research what exact kind of tractor appears in an image, though you could assign a heading for tractors). We would like to try and stick with just one additional subject heading, or 2 additional headings at the most. It is also fine to only assign the core heading. If you would like to try and reuse the same subject headings that your colleagues are using for the additional headings you can check Asbury (\[ispartof_facet\]\[\]=University+Archives) to see a list of all subject headings that have been assigned to date in this collection (follow the link, click on "topic" in the left nav, then "more" at the bottom of the subjects in the left nav. A pop-up box will appear with all the headings assigned, you can sort it from A-Z). NOTE: this list is not updated instantaneously.

Eight core headings

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Agriculture
  • College teachers
  • Crops
  • Farms
  • Farm buildings
  • Parties
  • Persons
How to choose a core heading

Agricultural machinery
Assign this heading when machinery or equipment is the main focus of the image. There are numerous images of stationary farm machinery that will all receive this heading. There are many photos in which the machinery in the image is actively performing an agricultural process, like harvesting grain. In such cases, we would like to double tag with this heading and the heading "agriculture" (see below). We would also like the heading "agricultural machinery" to be assigned when the image is of instructions for how to assemble or use agricultural machinery.

Assign this heading when an agricultural activity is the focus of the image, such as harvesting, planting, storing/curing, processing and packaging crops, spraying crops.

College teachers
Assign this heading when people are the main focus of the image and can be identified as faculty.

Assign this heading when fields of crops or close-ups of crops are the main focus of the image. For images in which the main focus is an agricultural activity occurring in a field, assign the heading "agriculture" instead.

Assign this heading when a landscape image shows not only crops but a farm (for example, a farmhouse, silo, and fields). We do not think there are very many of these. If the image is of a farm building only, assign the heading "farm buildings."

Farm buildings
Assign this heading when the main focus of the photo is a structure such as a farm house, barn, or silo.

Assign this heading when the main focus of the photo is a social gathering such as an award ceremony or a crowd listening to a speech inside a house.

Assign this heading when the main focus of the photo is people or a portrait of an individual. There will be overlap between this category and "parties." Often, people appear in photographs in which an agricultural activity is the main focus (people alongside a machine that is harvesting crops). In such instances, "agriculture" is a more appropriate core heading to assign.