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Of Note

  1. Classify according to their Library of Congress subject headings
  2. Assign the appropriate genre headings
  3. Trace series if it provides unique access to the material.
  4. Note important audience targets in the 521 in addition to grade levels
  5. Location is JUV-FICT or STACKS depending on the classification number 
  6. Item type is AUDIO-CD
  7. Change "number of pieces" in the Call Number/Item record to reflect the number of audio CDs
  8. If there is a book jacket, keep it on the item.
  • Bibliographic records are downloaded from or created in OCLC. If there is no copy, look for a record for the  print version. Derive a new record from the print version; be sure to change Books format to Sound Recordings format (Type: i
  • 090: Classify the book according to subject matter. Juvenile fiction audiobooks will have a PZ class number and be located in JUV-FICT. Juvenile literature audiobooks will have the appropriate class number and be housed in STACKS.
  • Always shelflist LRL call numbers!
  • 300 field: Note the number of discs and time: e.g. 5 sound discs (4 hours, 30 min.) Use hours and minutes rather then totaling the minutes. NOTE: AACR2 does not abbreviate hours; the RDA abbreviates hour/hours as hr.
  • 538: Compact disc. 
  • 511: Name(s) of narrator(s)
  • 520: Summary of the book
  • 521 0_: Target audience's grade level IF it can be easily ascertained from the container or discs. Note addition target audiences that are useful for the user, e.g. Lexile: 920, in a separate 521 field.
  • 655 _0: Genre headings.  Add at least one genre heading that falls under Sound Recordings. Other genre headings may be added if needed.
    • 655 _0 Children's audiobooks.
    • 655 _0 CD-ROM books.
  • Consult with LRL staff about barcode placement. If they have no preference, place the barcode according to our guidelines.

Note: The SIRSI item type AUDIOBOOK is used for audiobooks accessed online.