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The College of Education Media Center (now METRC)  has an extensive collection of Juvenile fiction classified in the LC PZ classification schedule.

Quick Look at frequent problems

LRL uses PZ for JUV fiction,
---NEVER use PS, PN or other P's that appear in Connexion records.

Always Refer to 650 field to help with Home Location.
Juvenile Fiction - HomeLoc of JUV-FICT
Juvenile Literature - HomeLoc of STACKS

All JUV-FICT - add title cutter. (first three letters of title) to Classification and Author cutter..  PZ7 .P362 BIG 2000

Search the Author in Sirsi. Use the same classification number for existing authors....just add title cutter.

Shelflist, shelflist, shelflist.

Our procedures are compiled from national standards and local policies developed to best suit the users of the CEDMC.

  •  The CEDMC strives to keep juvenile materials by the same author classified together with said author's number.
  •  Not all juvenile fiction materials fall into the classification number PZ7.  For example, Fairy tales are classified PZ8 and Animal stories are classed in PZ10.3  
  • There are several PZ classification numbers that are no longer valid. They are denoted by (  ) in ClassWeb.  An example is  (PZ8.7) Humorous works. Preferably, classify a humorous work targeted for a juvenile audience in the writer's existing author number. 
  • ALWAYS shelflist juvenile fiction materials.  
  • LC copy PZ call numbers can not be accepted without shelflisting.
  • ALWAYS retain the dust (book) jacket of these materials.
  • Non-fiction children's picture books should be placed in the PZ classification scheme when at all possible. (not current practice as of 6/11/2013)
  • Young adult materials should be placed in the PZ classification when possible. (not current practice as of 6/11/2013)
  • Children and Young Adult fiction should be classed in PZ. Non-fiction works for these age groups, excepting graphic novels, can be classed by subject, but will still have the Juvenile Fiction location.
  • Graphic novels are to be classified in PZ7.7, including non-fiction graphic novels.

Juvenile PZ Call Number Construction

  • Classification Number (from ClassWeb)  e.g. PZ7 or PZ10.3
  • 1st Cutter aka Author Number aka unique author cutter  Construct by entering the first letter from the author's last name.  Then cutter out the next few letters of the main entry using the Cutter Table for Author Numbers. Extend or adjust the Cutter number as necessary to distinguish authors and to put names in alphabetical order.
  • We have two authors, Rob Loomis and Bob Loopy.  Loomis' author number must be different from Loopy's author number. Loopy must file after Loomis in the shelflist.

Loomis' author number could be (after shelflisting, mind you) L664

Loopy's author number could be (after shelflisting, mind you) L667

  • 2nd Cutter or Title Cutter  Construct by using at least three lower-case letters representing the title of the book. If there is already an item in the shelflist with the same author and a title beginning with the same letters, one or more additional lower-case letters may be used for the item in hand.
  • Date of publication

What to do if there is no author?

  • Use one cutter only, based on the title
  • Example:  Graphic Novel titled Batman Strikes. Use  PZ7.7 .B38 2005


  • Shelflist to avoid duplicating a cutter that is already being used for another author. 
  • Search the author to identify a cutter that has already been assigned to that author. 
  • Some authors have works in both the general fiction collection and another collection, for example, Animal Stories.  It is permissible for one author to have a different author cutter in "General Fiction" than in "Animal Stories", but an author should only have one author cutter within each collection. 
  • You will likely need to adjust the author cutter in order to place it in alphabetical order. The LC Cutter table should only be used as a guide. Use your best judgement to establish numbers. Refer any items you have concerns about to the designated cataloger.

The HOME LOCATION for PZ materials  will be: JUV-FICT  *** Items may come for Acquisitions with home location of STACKS. Please be sure to change it to the appropriate location.

Also, JUV-OVER is a location used in-house at METRC   WE WILL NOT USE IT HERE.

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