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The College of Education Media Center, also known as LRL, is the curriculum material center for the College of Education. As such, the CEDMC provides educational resources such as books, journals, textbooks, reserves, kits, and technology in support of our preservice teachers and education faculty. The media center maintains a collection of K-12 literature as well as current state-adopted K-12 textbooks and focuses on providing professional resources for both students and faculty. Therefore, some LRL materials are processed differently from Hill materials in order to provide the best access to their community.

Of Note

  • CEDMC (LRL) materials have a light blue flag. LRL materials are sometimes sent to NRL accidentally; if you have a question about the correct library please check with Acquisitions staff.
  • Certain LRL locations must be included on the Spine labels
  • The book jackets, sometimes called dust jackets, for LRL materials are to be RETAINED. Please follow the instructions found at Barcode placement
  • LRL books are often covered with a protective mylar jacket. LRL staff cover the books. If the mylar book cover is present, place the small double barcode on the mylar. If there is no mylar cover, place the barcode on the book jacket. The barcode scans through the mylar.
  • The location TEXTBOOK at LRL denotes K-12 textbooks . Most K-12 textbooks are cataloged at the COEMC and do not go through the regular MCD workflow. The K-12 NC adopted textbooks should not be confused with the NCSU Libraries Textbooks for Reserve collection.  
  • ALWAYS shelflist LRL call numbers! If there is more than 1 edition of a title, make sure the books will sit together on the shelves.
  • LRL juvenile fiction is classified in the PZ schedule. If there is a copy in Hill with the PR, PS, PT, etc. class number, do not use that for the LRL juvenile fiction copy. Rather use the PZ number.
  •  If the book has won an award that is easy to discern when cataloging the item, e.g. the Caldecott Medal, please note this in a 586 field.


    Caldecott Medal, 1979