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Some non-matched related errors reports (Related3) are returned from Marcive with large instances of errors for the same Heading and the same Tag.  By running a Sirsi report and exporting the file to MarcEdit, these errors can be corrected in batch.

  1. Working in the YrNon-Matched table in the MarciveReports database in G:\A&D\BibLoads\Authorities, verify in LC authorities that a change needs to be made in our bib records.  If no authorized record is found for the heading, mark all of the pertinent records Done in the YrNon-Matched table in the MarciveReports database.
  2. If a suitable authoritative record is found in LC but there are >20 records needing to be fixed, add a comment like "Needs batch fix" to the first occurrence in the table OR just add the correct heading to the first occurrence.  Do not mark that record as Done until all batch edits are made following the procedure below.  Add heading to be corrected via batch editing to the Nonmatched headings needing batch correction table.

(Editor's note: This next part will be replaced with a link to the soon-to-be-uploaded page named Correcting Large sets of Authority Headings via Sirsi Reports, MarcEdit, and Batch Loading)

As time permits, address the need for batch corrections to be made as follows: 

  1. In Sirsi, go to Schedule New Reports, under the Bibliographic tab, Setup & Schedule an Extract Keys for Marc Export report.
  2. Under the Basic tab, rename the report to something specific, like Authority Heading Cleanup
  3. Select the Search String tab, and enter the heading name (from the Nonmatched headings needing batch correction table OR from Cleaning up Sirsi load error reports).  To search the name properly, use this format:   LastName {MARC tag} and FirstName {MARC tag}.  For example:  Doe {700} AND John {700}.  Exclude any ssj records by entering ~360Marc in the ItemCat3 under the Item Selection tab. 
  4. Run Now.
  5. Open Utility wizard and select MARC Export.
  6. Export all records to one file in the Bibloads\Authorities\Non-matched batch edits folder, and View all records, say OK.
  7. Make sure On client radio button is selected, and use gadget to choose destination and create File name on Client (no spaces and no special characters).
  8. Click Export.
  9. Open MARC Tools in MarcEdit.
  10. Search the file just created and saved, then Open. 
  11. Name Save As... file with .mrk extension and Execute.
  12. Choose Edit Records, then Find & Replace to fix the heading.  CAVEAT: Note the number of records modified and compare to the number of records in the file. Some records may have been pulled from the Sirsi report that are oddballs.  For example, if searching only the last name, Brazelton in the 700 field, you get Brazelton, Ralph as well as Brazelton, T.Berry.  Delete any records where the heading edit doesn't apply.  If more complex editing is required using Regular Expressions, see Using Regular Expressions to Edit MARC fields.
  13. Go to File, select Compile into MARC to convert to an .mrc file saved in the Non-matched batch edits folder.
  14. Using Sirsi Utility wizard, import the .mrc file into Sirsi or Sirsidev (if testing).
  15. Run the Load bibliographic records report to load back into Sirsi or Sirsidev, as appropriate, to overlay the bib records where the heading needs correction. 

    18. If working with non-matched headings from the Related3 file,  mark all newly edited headings in the MarciveReportsYr-Yr database, YRNon-Matched table as Done.  If working with Sirsi error load reports, cross off the heading on the error log as Done.

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