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Creating the Purchase Order

  • Open Acquisitions Module - Orders toolbar
  • Click on the Add Basic Order wizard.
  • Item Search screen will appear. Search the title.
    • If more than one title is found, be certain to scroll to the correct record.
    • If no title is found, export a record from OCLC or create a Brief record by clicking the small "book" icon (next to the lightning)        

Be sure to change your settings to include an AUTO Call Number.

  •  Click Order This Title button.
  • For the first line on a new PO, the Enter Order Information popup will appear.
    • Start by adding the VENDOR.  there is a drop down menu if assistance is needed. 
      • If you do not know the Vendor ID, start typing thebn click on the widget to the right.  
        • Click “OK” when you locate the appropriate Vendor ID.
      • If the needed vendor does not exist in Sirsi, stop and contact the specialist.
      • Many credit card purchases will use PayPal. (Vendor = PAYPALMONO) Add an Orderline note with the vendor information/website.
    • Order type will be FIRM. 
  • Click the Add Order Extended Info button
    • Fill in the ORDERBY field with staff Initials. This is important should there be a problem.
    • In the NOTE field, indicate the payment method. Credit Card (CREDIT CARD), prepaid order (PREPAYMONO), or invoice (INVOICE).
    • Place the Order Number from the vendor in the COMMENT field.
    • Click OK.
  • The Enter Orderline Information popup should appear.
    • Enter the Unit Price;  Parts in set and Quantity if necessary.
    • Select appropriate Material type. (DVD, BOK, etc.) Note: BOK should be set as your default, being ordered most often.
    • Add a NOTE for Priority orders -- RUSH, HOLD, NOTIFY (all caps) and/or any other special information.

For all order requests with a Hold or Notify attached, a Hold should be placed on that persons record.  

  • Use the COMMENT field for AC note, status reports, miscellaneous notes.
    • Fill in the SELECTOR with the collection manager's initials, which should be on the order request.
    • Click Continue.
  •  Fundings and Distributions is the next popup screen.
    • Select a Fund ID and keep ALL as the funded quantity amount.
    • Select a holding code.   The holding code may be determined by Locations Guide for Monographs;
    • keep ALL as the distributed quantity amount.
    • Both of these fields should be provided on the order request.

 Creating Multiple Fund Segments

  • Hit the Enter key or click the Add Orderline button.
  • Continue adding orderlines as necessary by clicking on the Add Orderlines button in the top left.
  • Click Finish and Save when all titles have been added.  Mark Order Finished screen will display.
  • To place Patron HOLDS----In the Circulation module, under the Common Tasks tab, select CheckOut.
    • User ID:  ONORDER.  A notice that User is Delinquent will appear. Click Checkout To User. 
    • Click Place Hold under HOLDS tab. Type the user ID if available, or search by name using the search icon at the top of screen.
    • Click on Current title.
    • Be sure the pickup Library is correct.  The default is DHHILL.
    • If order is a Pre-Order, be certain the Expires date for the hold goes beyond the expected date.  If it does not adjust it to go several months beyond.
    • Click Place Hold

      **Exception -- FacPubs- Only the circulating copy gets checked out to ONORDER

Please note: The default behavior of the order wizard can be set so that certain fields are filled in every time you create an order. Find the "Add Basic Order" wizard in the Acquisitions toolbar, Orders tab. Right-click to set the default properties

HOWEVER, be certain to update set fields if appropriate. ex: if you have set Amazon as vendor, make certain this is updated for any other vendor order, such as YANKEE.