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  1. From the Serial Control tool bar in Sirsi, select Create Control.
  2. Search for the bibliographic record to which you want to attach the serial control.
  3. Select the correct bibliographic record from the search results and click Create Control
    NOTE: If the title already has a serial control a pop-up window will open indicating this. Review and modify the existing control as needed OR if you are attempting to create a second serial control click Create New Control.
  4. A small pop-up window will open:
    1. Select the home Library from the drop down menu. This corresponds to the physical shelving location of the item. Ex. Items shelved in Hunt Library will have HUNT as the assigned Library
    2. Select the holding code from the drop down menu. Ex. Items shelved at Hunt Library will have a holding code of HUN-STACKS.
    3. Click OK
  5. Another pop-up window asking about frequency will open. Select the frequency that best matches the publication frequency of the title. This generates a basic prediction pattern for the serial control.
  6. On the Basic tab:
    1. Populate the SISAC ID field with the ISSN (will auto-populate if present in the bib record).
    2. Populate the Vendor Title# field (for EBSCO titles this is the 9 didgit title number only; for gifts, this will be GIFT).
    3. Populate the Base call number field (for Hill titles, this will be the LC call number; for Hunt and branch libraries, this will be, for example, HUNT or DES; for continuations, this will be CONTINUATION).
    4. The Class scheme should ALWAYS be LC
    5. Populate the Subscription ID field with VTN (for EBSCO titles this is the full VTN from the PO; for gifts, this will be GIFT).
    6. Confirm the Status field is ACTIVE.
    7. Set the Category1 field to the appropriate corresponding material type (since we are not creating e-controls this will almost always be "Print").
  7. On the Patterns tab:
    1. Modify the publication pattern as needed.
    2. Check the box for "Allow automatic prediction of issues".
  8. On the Subscription tab:
    1. Populate the Fiscal cycle field with the current cycle date.
    2. Populate the Vendor ID field with the vendor from the PO.
    3. On this tab the Library field is ALWAYS DHHILL.
  9. On the Extended Info tab:
    1. Add any necessary Notes.
    2. Populate the NAME field with the appropriate name information (since we are not creating e-controls this will almost always be "Print").
    3. Populate the MEDIACODE field with the Material Type from the PO.
  10. Click Create Control.
  11. Review your work and create predictions for the first issue.
    NOTE: Title owners will typically create very basic controls for new orders with a "BRING TO" note asking for the first issue to be given to them upon receipt.