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This spread sheet is for journals and other items that Collection Management has decided are Current Issues Only. We do not bind them and keep them for a set length of time. Retention length is noted on the serial control.

Hunt, Design, Vet Med, and NRL CIO tiles must have a CUR-PER call number item record in SIRSI to be able to pull the title into the OPAC via Blacklight.

Hill CIO titles can either be housed in Popular Reading or at the Ask Us desk. In the item record the home location for Hill CIO titles is CIRCDESK. 

Creating an Item Record in SIRSI

  1. In the Cataloging module, select the Call Number and Item Maintaince tab
  2. Select the "Add Call Number" widget
  3. Select the Library where the title will be housed from the pull down menu and click OK
  4. The call number is the LC call number for the title, item id is automatically generated, select the home location from the pull down menu (for Hill, home location is CIRCDESK. For Hunt, VML, NRL, and Design, home location is CUR-PER)
  5. Save item record

View spreadsheet of Current Issue Only titles.