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DBR Full Reset Query

When the Total Operating Expenditures totals in the WolfPack Reporting System (WRS) report don't match our totals on page 2 of the Daily Budget Report, it may be necessary to execute a hard reset to capture all current FY PS transactions, not just those of the current month as captured by the DBR_CURRMONTH query. In PeopleSoft query manager, run the DBR_FULL_RESET query. Double-check that the query's criteria is for the current fiscal year by going to Edit → Criteria, then locating the A.FISCAL_YEAR row, and editing the year as necessary (for example, for FY 20-21, enter 2021). This query captures ALL completed and current accounting periods of the fiscal year (was created by copying the DBR_CURRMONTH query, and then removing the accounting period criteria from the query). Download the query results as usual, into an Excel spreadsheet saved to Downloads or Desktop.

In the DPP production database, make a Copy of the PeopleSoftTransactions table. Import the Full Reset spreadsheet into the database, naming the table PeopleSoftTransactions to replace the previous table that produced erroneous results. Compare the two tables to make sure that the column names match. The number of records in the newly imported table should be more than the copied (older) table if there is a suspected timing issue with transaction posts.

Rerun the budget report. Totals should now match the WRS report.

Delete the Copy of PeopleSoftTransactions table.

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