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Additional information:

Common ebook fields

These fields are not unique to ebooks, but they will appear in most ebooks we add to the catalog, and they are less likely to appear in our print resources.

Fixed Field: Form = o (Online)

006 // m o d (m[5 spaces]o[2 spaces]d[2 spaces]) m = computer file, o = online, d = document (primarily a text file)

Byte value













Maps to





We use






which means





Not a Gov Doc

007 // c $b r $d c $e n $f u $g — $h a $i u $j u $k u $l u














Resource categary

Material designation




Image bit depth

File Formats

Quality assurance targets


Level of Compression

Reformatting quality

we use













which means

electronic resource



not applicable



one file format





588 // Description based on print version record. [588 is the MARC field for Source of Description]
776 08 $i Print version: [descriptive detials for the physical version of the item]
856 40 $z [Name of vendor/site hosting the reference] $u [URL to the resource]

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Deriving a Provider Neutral eBook Record in OCLC

NCSU uses OCLC Constant Data forms in our eBook workflow:

  • Derived ebook RDA
    1. Use:
      1. When creating an RDA provider neutral ebook record dervied from a print RDA record. The final PN record is RDA-style.
      2. When upgrading an AACR2 derived print record to an RDA provider neutral record. The final record is RDA-style.
    2. Fields applied by the Derived ebook RDA CD
  1. Locate a matching print record in OCLC
    Derive a new record from the print record.
    Apply constant data: Derived ebook RDA
    1. Fixed fields:
      1. Form (Form of item) = o
      2. ELvL (Encoding level) = I
      3. Srce (Cataloging source) = d
  2.  006 and 007 fields (inserted by constant data form)
    1. 006 // m o d
    2. 007 // c $b r $d c $e n $f u $g --- $h a $i u $j u $k u $l u
  3. Edit 020 field:
    1. Only electronic, ebook or PDF ISBN numbers are recorded in $a
    2. Move print ISBN numbers to $z
    3. If you cannot distinguish or determine whether an ISBN refers to the print or electronic version, record the ISBN as 020 $z
  4. 050/090 field: add ebook to the end of the call number
    1. Note: there is a single space between the final call number element and "ebook": HG123 $b .J12 2010 ebook
  5. 300 field:
    1. Subfield a: 1 online resource (pagination data from print record 300 $a)
    2. Subfield b: illustrative matter data from print record 300 $b
    3. Examples:
      1. 300 // $a 1 online resource (25 pages) : $b illustrations
      2. 300 // $a 1 online resource.
  6. 33x: Use the appropriate Content, Media, and Carrier type(s). Common values:
    1. 336 // $a text $b txt $2 rdacontent
    2. 337 // $a computer $b c $2 rdamedia
    3. 338 // $a online resource $b cr $2 rdacarrier
  7. 530 field: Delete if present
  8. 588 field: Remove other 500 Source of title notes in favor of "Description based on print version record." note (added when Derived ebook constant data form is applied)
  9. 700/710/711/730 fields: Use only to bring out relationships present in a descriptive field that apply to all versions of the online resource. Do not use for online provider/package names.
  10. 776 field -- Use the OCLC "Insert from cited record" macro to insert original record data:
    1. Copy and paste print record OCLC number
    2. Right click and select "Insert from cited record"
    3. Add as first element $i Print version:
    4. If cited data begins with author, remember to add $a before the data
      1. 776 08 $i Print version: $a Akins, Zoe, 1886-1958. $t Papa, an amorality in three acts. $d New York, M. Kennerley, 1913 $w (DLC)   13026591 $w (OCoLC)2545009
  11. 856 field
    1. Subfield 3: Convention uses $3 to record vendor and/or location of ebook
      1. Prefer use of $3 in OCLC records to represent where the link is going. (Note: local practice of the 856 $z varies slightly from this practice.)
    2. Subfield u: Insert non-Institution specific URL into field:
      1. Do not include proxy address in URL
      2. Anyone with an internet connection should be able to connect to the resource using this URL (though not necessarily the content if the resource is licensed.)
    3. Examples:
      1. 856 40 $z ebrary $u

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Local policy for Kindle ebook records is to create provider neutral records at the national level (e.g. OCLC Master records) and convert them into local provider-specific records when adding to Sirsi. See local policy Kindle E-Book Cataloging - New

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Local eBook Provider Neutral Record Edits
  1. 050/090 field:
    1. "ebook" preceeded by a single space follows the final call number element (usually the date):
      1. T345.L67 |b S8 2010 ebook

  2. 506 field: 
    1. For limited access, add the following note text as appropriate:

      1. Access is limited to one user at a time

      2. Access is limited to three users at a time

      3. If/when we have access models that deviate from the above, the pattern of “Access limited to X users at a time” could be followed.

    2. IF the ebook has unlimited simultaneous users, DO NOT add any note

  3. 655 field: Remove 655 _0 Electronic books  (Cataloging Policy Group decision 2017)
  4. 856 field (paid resources)
    1. Subfield u: Prepend proxy URL
    2. Subfield z: Add the controlled heading (e.g. 710 or 730) for the vendor, provider and/or service
      1. Example:
        1. 856 40 $u $z ebrary, Inc.
        2. 856 40 $u $z SpringerLink (Online service)
  5. 856 field (free resources)
    1. Subfield u: No proxy is necessary
    2. Subfield y: Add text: View resource online
    3. Subfield z: Vendor/provider information is not necessary

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Importing a Provider Neutral eBook Record into Sirsi

SmartPort is currently configured to match against several title control numbers: OCLC number, ISBN and LCCN. When bringing an ebook record into the system, you may find the record matches a print monographic record, a print monographic record with ebook holding attached (i.e. mulvered), or an existing electronic ebook record:

  • Stop the import process
  • Discover what situation you have

Matching Print Monographic Record

  1. Edit the print 020 fields, moving electronic ISBNs into $z
  2. On the SmartPort Capture record screen:
    1. Select Match and Load, Match on title control number
    2. Title control number source: delete everything but "o"
    3. This will bring the ebook record in without overlaying the print record

Matching Print Monograhic Record with eBook Holding Attached

  1. Unmulver the print and electronic:
    1. Form (fixed field) = blank (delete "s")
    2. 020 field: move electronic ISBNs to $z
    3. Variable fields: remove all references to electronic version, including 856 field
    4. Delete call number/item record for electronic version from print record
  2. On the SmartPort Capture record screen:
  3. Select Match and Load, Match on title control number
  4. Title control number source: delete everything but "o"
  5. This will bring the ebook record in without overlaying the print record

Matches an Existing eBook Record

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eBooks Purchased Using Endowment Funds
  • Acquisitions will notify M&C when an ebook is purchased using Endowment funding through the Remedy cataloging request ticket:
    • Subject line will include: ENDOWMENT
    • Message text will note which Endowment was used to purchase the title
  • Alternately, Acquisitions may include all Endowment information in the Remedy cataloging request ticket subject line
    • Ebook Cataloging Request:  ENDOWMENT (Name of endowment)

  1. Follow the local Endowment Fund Authority List policy, including the appropriate added entry field for the Endowment fund in the bibliographic record

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Sending Availablity Notices
  • Sometimes an ebook availablity notice needs to be sent to a patron through the Remedy cataloging request ticket:
    • Subject line will include: NOTIFY
    • Message text will include contact information for the patron

In Remedy:

  • Copy the patron's email information from Remedy cataloging request ticket message text
  • Select the E-mail tab
  • Paste the patron's email address into the "Email To" field, replacing the existing email address
  • Enter the following into the "Email subject" field:
    • eBook Now Available: [INSERT EBOOK TITLE]
  • Copy and paste the following text into the "Email Text" field:


The ebook title you requested, [INSERT EBOOK TITLE], is now available through NCSU Libraries. You may access the ebook at:


A record for this ebook will be available in the NCSU Libraries catalog within 24 hours of this notice.



  • Edit the message text as indicated
  • Click "Send"

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eBook Call Number/Item Record Settings

Note: These settings do not apply to Kindle ebooks

  • Call library:  ONLINE
  • Item ID: (AUTO)
  • Type: EBOOK
  • Item Library: ONLINE
  • Home Location: NET
  • Item cat2: Blank except for the following 
    • Free ebooks: OPENACCESS
    • Safari ProQuest titles: SAFARI
  • Item cat3 blank except for ebrary Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) ebooks: PATRONDRVN
Multiple URLs on a Single eBook Record

Provider neutral proscribes that we use a single bibliographic record to express all manifestations of an ebook. In other words, one bib record may have multiple 856 fields, each representing a different provider.

Endeca is programmed to only display the first 856 in a bib record. To force display of multiple 856 fields, add a $z to each 856 expressing either:

  1. Vendor/Provider
  2. Open Access ebook

Multiple item records:

  1. Only add an item record to an existing call number record when you need to express data contained in the Item cat2 field
  2. Examples:
    1. Paid resource 856 and Open access 856 = two item records
    2. Multiple paid resource 856 fields = one item record
    3. Safari resource 856 and Open access 856 = two item records

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