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Sirsi automatically produces a report log for catalog record loads as a text document. The data in the text documents is not readily usable as MARC data should you want to futher maniuplate the records using MARCEdit or force records to load/overlay. The following provides instructions on how to export the MARC records contained in a Sirsi report log as MARC data that can be used in MARCEdit and other MARC record editing software.

  1. Open a Report Log from Sirsi Reports > Finished Reports
  2. Locate and note the exact start date and time of the Symphony Catalog MARC Load
  3. In Sirsi, open the MARC Import Utility
  4. Accept the default properties
  5. Select the Bib Error Files tab
    1. Sort by Date
    2. Using the exact start date and time from the Sirsi Report Log, locate and select the error file associated with the log
    3. Date format is yymmddhh mm
    4. In this example, the Sirsi Report Log start time is Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 12:43 PM
    5. In the MARC Import Bib Error Files tab, this translates to 12020712 4300
  6. Select View
  7. Select Sirsi Flat File
  8. The bib error report will open as a text document
  9. Save as a text document
  10. You can then import the text document into MARCEdit for further editing or to create a .mrk file:
    1. Input file: browse for the text file saved in previous step and open it
    2. Output file: browse to the location where you would like the .mrc file saved
    3. Select Execute
    4. Select Edit Records. File is now ready for editing or export using Compile as MARC