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Of note:

  • NEVER affix a barcode directly on the SCRC's archival copy!
  • Do Not Forget to Add 710 field to the bibliographic record: Faculty Publication Collection (North Carolina State University)|5NcRS
  • Watch for a book jacket. See special instructions below
  • The Hunt Reading Room copy receives a barcode and an RFID tag
  • Two copies will have the Call Library of SpecColl .
  • The archival copy will have a Call Library of BOOKBOT
  • DO NOT CHECK OUT  SpecColl/BOOKBOT copies to INPROCESS.  Leave as Available
  • For instruction on how to process faculty publications returned to the library from the Provost's Office, see Faculty Publication Collection - Volumes Returned from Provost Office

Five copies of each NCSU Faculty Publication are received:

  1. Circulating Copy (Hill or Hunt) stacks
  2. Hunt Reading Room Copy   -- Pay close attention to the Home Location for the Hunt Reading Room copy---
  3. Special Collections Archival Copy - stored in BOOKBOT
  4. Special Collection Reading Room Copy
  5. Provost Office Copy
During COVID-19 Work from home, only  For approval 3010-06 facpubs, all items should be added to the bib record when invoice is paid. 

Copy Location

Call Library

Home Location


Hill or Hunt








Special Collections Archival




Special Collections Reading Room




Provost office




*Provost's Office copy is shadowed automatically

Cataloging Procedures - ALL Locations

When we receive all five copies at the same time, the copies will be processed together on one bibliographic record.

  • Add 710 field to the bibliographic record: 710 2_Faculty Publication Collection (North Carolina State University)|5NcRS
  • In cases where the NCSU faculty member is the author to a titled chapter, short story, or other work within a larger compilation, add a partial contents note indicating the title of the contribution and its author. Also, make an author added entry for the NCSU author:

Example: Family group decision-making and family violence / Joan Pennell, Gale Burford.

700 1_ Pennell, Joan,|d 1949-

  • If there is an endowment bookplate (sometimes in the Provost's Office copy), then please add the appropriate 710 from the Endowments list Endowments list
Hunt Reading Room Copy

Hunt Reading Room copy receives a barcode (in the standard Barcode Placement spot) and an RFID tag instead of a mag stripe.

Special Collections Archival Copy

Remember NEVER affix barcodes to the Special Collections archival copy directly!

Special Collections Archival Copy 590 Notes

All copy-specific notes for NCSU materials will be put in a 590.

  • All SCRC 590 notes begin: Special Collections copy
  • Add a 590 to note presence of a dust jacket.
  • Dust jackes for the SCRC archival copy are retained and left on the book.
  • Add a 590 note when a book has been inscribed.
  • 590 notes should be accompanied by parallel genre headings (655) describing these noted physical characteristics. If you are unsure of how to do this, consult with an ULT who handles Special Collections materials. (These are infrequent occurences.)


590       Special Collections copy includes dust jacket.
655 _7  Dust jackets (Binding)|2rbbin

590       Special Collection copy title page inscribed by author.
655 _7  Authors' inscriptions (Provenance)|2rbprov

Barcode Placement For Special Collections Archival Copy
  • Attach barcode to an acid-free paper
  • Place the barcode/acid-free paper into the archival copy
  • Place the archival copy on the designated cart

Marking Procedures

Shelf Prep -  Provost copy - NO to Stamp,  YES to tattletape

Acompanying Materials

Accompanying materials on Faculty Publication Book follow the current Accompanying Materials policy, which varies by location.

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