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To convert credit card charges:

1. Check with David Applegate or Sharon for charge amount and international transaction fee charge. As an fyi, this is in the PeopleSoftP-cardTransactions table in the Funds Statistics databases. The international transaction fee is normally the next transaction after payment to the foreign vendor.

2. Go to online currency converter. Convert individual charges for items and shipping. Note on receipt.

3. Total amount of receipt when converted should match amount charged.

4. In Sirsi, add invoice lines as usual. Add individual lines for shipping(price prorated)  and international transaction fee (price prorated).

To convert invoice charges:

1. Go to currency converter. Convert foreign currency to US Dollars.

2. On working copy, note US Dollar charge.

3. In Sirsi, create invoice, using US Dollar amount.

4. Pay and process paperwork as usual.

5. NCSU Libraries Finance & Business Office and the NCSU Accounts Payable Office use a currency conversion company to pay the foreign invoices.

When the currency conversion company determines the actual amount to be paid, the NCSU Libraries Finance & Business Office returns the working copy of the invoice to the department.  It shows the corrected invoice total.

6. In Sirsi, revise amount charged by editing invoice line for proper amount supplied by Finance and Business.

Note from Sharon:
These typically have a different invoice number and vendor in Peoplesoft (the vendor is Travelex and the invoice numbers are something such as TR4212790 / 41840/2011) so I would like to change the invoice number in Sirsi and rewrite it on the paper copy - if ok with unit managers - so queries showing Sirsi vs Peoplesoft will work. The query matches up by invoice number only since vendor is different in both systems for all invoices. Also, I'm hoping to reconcile Sirsi versus Peoplesoft monthly and will be able to see the differences for the Travelex ones in Peoplesoft without getting a paper copy from F&B.