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Each week a report is sent with a list of the current open orders  The status column will list titles as: Available, Not yet published, and Cancelled. 

The GOBI Library Solutions Open Order Status Report appears in the eMail account and Specialist email.  These reports are sorted by sub-account.

ALL PRINT Sub-accounts

IF the  status is Available:  

  • Majority of titles will have this tag, meaning they will be on their way.
  • No action is needed.

If the status is Not Yet Published:  

Not yet published should be put in the pre-publication folder until the status changes

---If a previous one is canceled do the following.

  • Check the "pubduedate" column to find the date of publication.
  • Open the PO in Sirsi and add not yet published” to the orderline 
  • Add to that the date of availability
    • check Amazon for pub date, if not on the report.
    • add "today's date and initials
    • Notify Selector if  cancelled
  • Save

If the status is Cancelled  ------Cancel a Purchase Order or Orderline(s)

  • Search in Gobi for the title blurb.
  •  Check the cancelation note in blue text.   ex: “order canceled (3/27/2014)” Click to identify selector.
  • Open the PO in Sirsi and add an orderline note indicating the reason for cancellation

 example:  “Cancelled per library's automatic cancellation policy (initials)”

  • Go to the Segments tab.
  • Click the “Add a Cancellation icon” (second from right)
  • Save your changes.

  • Before canceling the Item record, check with the selector. 
  • Do they want to order from another vendor?
    • Yes, than order and create a new PO
    • There is no need to add another item to the bib record…..leave the item that shows ONORDER
  • They don't want to re-order.
    • Go to Catalog Record / Call number tab
    • Change the Type to CANCELLED
    • Change the Home Location to CANCELLED (item is automatically shadowed)
    • Discharge item from ONORDER status

For any other issues: Contact the collection manager and explain the situation. Have them decide if we should search for another source to purchase the title.

EBOOK Sub-accounts

Open the attached file using Excel.

If an order is canceled, follow the below steps for each eBook subaccount.

3010-45. This is the BBR ePreferred subaccount.

If the status is canceled:

3010-47. This the DDA subaccount.

If the status is canceled:

  • Take no action.

3010-49. This is the ePreferred Approval subaccount.

If the status is canceled:

  • Take no action.

3010-50, 3010-58. These are the firm order eBook and firm order eBook Endowment subaccounts.

If the order came from CORAL and the status is canceled:

  • Notify the staff member who placed the order to contact the necessary Collection Strategist.
  • Delete the order and item records.

If the order came from a YBP selection and the status is cancelled:

  • Notify the necessary Collection Strategist.
  • Delete the order and item records.
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