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856 In Record

Serials Solutions does not currently load titles into the HathiTrust databases, as the collections are far too large for them to manage at this point in time. (See "Why are there no titles in the HathiTrust databases?" in the ProQuest Customer Service Center.) So, HathiTrust records have to be managed locally via an 856 in the record for the e-journal. (This is sort of an exception to the serials unit's general policy of not using 856 links to manage access in e-journal records that we manage via Serials Solutions. But not really since the SerSol databases are zero title databases.)

"Some content available at HathiTrust" Link

In addition to the 856, the TRLN Discovery record may display a link reading "Some content available at HathiTrust". This link is generated by a piece of Javascript code that sends a request to the HathiTrust API using the item's OCLC number, ISSN, or ISBN. The "Some content available at HathiTrust" link is only generated if the request to HathiTrust returns data AND that data indicates that HathiTrust provides a full view of the item as compared to a search-only view (which it generally only does for pre-1923 titles). In addition, if a HathiTrust record requires original cataloging, the "Some content available at HathiTrust" will not display until Hathi gets the WorldCat record into their catalog. We do not currently have a mechanism for submitting/reporting original records to Hathi.