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How do I order processing materials?

If you take out a new box of folders and there are only 3 boxes of folders left, email a request to Special Collections ( for more folders.

If there are no more boxes in the M&C materials cube, retrieve a new box of boxes from outside the mailroom. If there is only 1 box of boxes left outside the mailroom after you retrieve your new boxes, email Special Collections ( and ask them to order more boxes.

How do I ask processing questions?

You have several options for asking a processing-related question. For right now, we would like to try using the new Q&A Board for questions.

  • Unless your question is confidential, post your question on the new Q&A Board. Because your colleagues, Cathy Dorin-Black and Linda will all be subscribed to changes on this page, everyone should immediately receive notification of your question and anyone can answer. When someone answers, your colleagues will receive notification of the answer as well. In this way, we will all be able to share knowledge and receive answers quickly from multiple sources.
  • If questions are not posted to the Q&A Board, they should be emailed to Linda Sellars ( and you should CC Lisa Madden ( on the emails.