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Purchase/Deliver Article

Many articles need to be purchased throughout the year. These items will be placed in the ALA queue and require the following steps to be taken.

  1. Open the request to view the details. Staff normally pastes a link to site where item can be purchased in the Transaction’s Notes Field. Otherwise, Google the article title or journal title. Always buy from the journal source directly; do not use 3rd party distributers or “membership” source sharing options.
  2. Go back to the Home screen and search for the publisher name for the journal.
  3. If the publisher name is found, open their profile and use the symbol to fill out the Lender and Lending String. Read information in the note field carefully. The notes will often tell you several things.
    1. The sign on and password for the website (if required)
    2. Whether you should retrieve or create a PDF “copy” of the webpage or email for your reconciling records (It is very important to review this first as sometimes you are not going to have a chance to “go back” to a receipt page as it expires on some websites and cannot be retrieved. If you need the webpage receipt for reconciling, always print it as soon as you see it.)
    3. Delivery information when articles are not available for immediate download or extended delivery time periods for prints.
  4. If you do not find the publisher name, you may need to create an account at the publisher site to order using the standard login provided. Read site instructions as this is not always required. You will need to create a profile by opening the Borrowing function on the Dashboard.
  5. On the Left Hand side of the Dashboard will be Address New.
  6. Fill out the General information to the best of your ability by obtaining information from publisher site as name, phone, borrowing and lending email. Be sure to create a symbol in the General Information section. Save. Add the address in Shipping Address Area. Go to the note field to add any login and password information if the publisher required you to create an account.
  7. Go Back to the Detail Screen of the Request.
  8. Fill out both the Lending String and Lender with the symbol you have created/found.
  9. Save this change.
  10. Paste the link into a Web Browser and after verifying the correct article has come up, go through the steps to purchase the article. Follow current cost guidelines for determining if the request is purchased electronically {or print) and if it is necessary to contact Collection Manager. If print is ordered, add note the hard copy has been ordered along with order number. Some suggestions about entering information:
    1. Be sure to use the Campus F&B Address/Phone # for the Billing information. This can be obtained from Sharon Parrish.
    2. Always choose Individual and never Institutional. We are making a 1 time purchase for a single use, not trying to gain access for all of NCSU; therefore, this falls under Individual use.
    3. We are tax exempt. If we are charged taxes, you need to submit our tax exemption to the company and obtain a reimbursement. The Library’s F&B has a current copy of our tax exemption letter.
  11. Save the PDF to O drive under the Transaction Number (TN).
  12. Retrieve or create a PDF “copy” of the receipt.
    1. Check receipt has title of article purchased (necessary for reconciling). Add if necessary, it may be necessary to scan receipt yourself prior to going to step b.
    2. Save receipt in G:\Acquisitions and Discovery\Serials Unit\ILL Processes\Pcard receipts. (for further details see pCard Procedures (ILL))
  13. Add the cost of the article to the "Location" field.
  14. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Use the dropdown menu in "Route" and choose Request Sent. DO NOT USE REQUEST SENT BUTTON. If you use the request sent button, it will be sent to the ALA Print Queue and you will have to re-route it.
  15. Go to the Borrowing Dashboard and select Check in From Lending Library.
  16. Enter the Transaction Number.
  17. Select Search.
  18. When the fields are populated click Notify Electronic Delivery.
  19. Report statistics in G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\Serials Unit\Administration\Statistics.
Special Notes

Cost Guidelines for ILL Article Ordering:

  • Purchase electronic standard if equal to or under $150 (per item)
  • Purchase print standards if over $150 (per item) (so that print can be added to the collection after patron uses it)
  • Check with CM/selector if standard is over $300 (per item)

NOTE: Collection Management would also like for us to consult them before purchase if there are large numbers of materials requested by single patron on a particular topic.

Print format Ordering: Often the library receives shipment notifications including tracking information for printed materials. Order numbers are often on receipts already submitted for reconciling. A note is added to the transaction area making information available to both A&D and ILL. It indicates “Hard copy has been ordered for adding to Library Collection. It is shipped to Hill - ILL. Order Number is XXXX When patron returns it to library after use, this standard should be sent to Name at Hunt for cataloging.

Ethos/UMI Dissertation ordering: These items are not often available instantly. There will be a follow up email several days to several weeks after the purchase. It is important at the time of the purchase that you still print the receipt and retain it for your reconciling records. The item does not appear on your statement until the document has been “delivered”; however, the receipt the day the request was submitted is what is preferred by F&B.