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Not current documentation

This is archival documentation. For current practices see Kindle eBook Processing Workflow.

Local Policy and Procedure in effect as of September 12, 2011. For past practice, see Kindle eBook Cataloging - Historical Policy & Procedure

Page Table of Contents:

Kindle eBook Added Copy and Original/Copy Cataloging Procedures

This workflow begins with the Monograph Section Advanced ULT receiving a kindlestrikeforce email indicating a new Kindle ebook has been purchased by ADS. The Monograph Section Advanced ULT will distribute Kindle ebook catalog to Section staff as needed via email.

Determining Added Copy or New Title

Search Kindle title in Sirsi

  1. No matching Kindle ebook or provisional record found: New title
    1. Go to: Original/Copy Cataloging Procedure
  2. Matching Kindle ebook record found: Added copy
    1. Go to: Added Copy Procedure

Added Copy Procedure

Verify the Sirsi record contains:

  1. 020 Field for the print ISBN (ensures cover art displays in Endeca)
    1. If not:
      1. Check for print ISBN in 776 $z and copy to 020 field
      2. Ssearch Amazon for print ISBN
        1. 020 ## $z [print ISBN] (print)

  2. 500 Field for Amazon ASIN#
    1. If not:
      1. Search Amazon Kindle Store and add ASIN note
        1. 500 ## ASIN: [ASIN #]

No further action is required. Added copy is cataloged.

Original/Copy Cataloging Procedure

Search Kindle ebook title in Amazon Kindle Store
  1. Under Product Details note:
    1. Publisher
    2. Publication Date
    3. ASIN#
Search for matching print or electronic copy in WorldCat
Matching ebook record is available
  1. Record is provider-neutral, go to: Creating a Local Provider-Specific Amazon Kindle eBook Record
  2. Record is provider-specific: neutralize OCLC master record, then continue with Creating a Local Provider-Specific Amazon Kindle eBook Record
Matching print record is available
  1. Derive a new title
  2. Apply Derived ebook RDA constant data
  3. Fixed field edits:
    1. Form = o
    2. Cont = print and electronic should match
    3. Ills = print and electronic should match
    4. Dates = print and electronic should match (and reflect 260 field)
    5. Ctry = print and electronic should match (and reflect 260 field)
  4. Variable field edits:
    1. 006 field: Added by Derived ebook RDA CD
    2. 007 field: Added by Derived ebook RDA CD
    3. 020 field:
      1. Add electronic ISBN (if known)
      2. Move print ISBN to $z and qualify with (print) if not already qualified
        1. 020 ## $z [print ISBN] (print)

        2. 020 ## $z [print ISBN] (pbk)

    4. 050/090 field: Append "_ ebook" to end of call number
      1. 050 04 R456 $b .T42 2009 ebook
    5. 336-338 fields: Added by Derived ebook RDA CD
    6. 300 $a:
      1. Replace $a text with "1 online resource"
      2. Include pagination/extent data from print 300 $a in parenthesis when available
      3. If deriving from AACR2 record, update abbreviated terms as needed
        1. 300 ## 1 online resource (iv, 425 pages)
        2. 300 ## 1 online resource
    7. 300 $b:
      1. Duplicate print 300 $b data in electronic record when available
      2. If deriving from AACR2 record, update abbreviated terms as needed
      3. Apply correct ISBN punctuation:
        1. 4XX field = 300 field ends with ISBD full stop
        2. No 4XX field = 300 field does not end with ISBD full stop
    8. 500 Source of Title field: "Description based on print version record" note added by Derived ebook RDA CD
    9. 655 field: Derived ebook RDA CD adds genre heading "Electronic books."
      1. 655 #0 Electronic books.
    10. 776 field:
      1. Copy and paste print OCLC # into blank 776 field
      2. Left click on field
      3. Select "Insert from cited record"
      4. 776 08 field starts with $i Print version:
      5. Add $a if needed
        1. 776 08 $i Print version: $a Atkins, Zoe, 1886-1958. $t Papa, an amorality in three acts. $d New York, M. Kennerley, 1913 $w (DLC)   13026591 $w (OCoLC)2545009
  5. Reformate, validate and Update Holdings
  6. A provider-neutral master OCLC record has now been created
Convert OCLC Provider-Neutral Record into NCSU Amazon Kindle Provider-Specific Record

NCSU contributes provider-neutral master OCLC records to WorldCat. On export/import into our local ILS, we turn the provider-neutral records into Amazon Kindle provider-specific records.

  1. In OCLC Connexion, begin with a provider-neutral ebook record
  2. Apply Kindle ebook RDA (variable fields only) constant data
  3. Variable field edits:
  4. 020 field: Add print ISBN from 776 to 020 $z if not already present
    1. If record lacks 776 field, search Amazon for print version ISBN. If print version cannot be discovered with a single Amazon search, omit print version 020 field
  5. 050/090: change "_ebook" to "_Kindle ebook"
  6. 338 field: "other computer carrier $b cz $2 rdacarrier" added by Kindle ebook RDA CD
  7. 500 field:
    1. Add note: ASIN: [Amazon ASIN#].

  8. 710 field: Added entry " (Firm)" added by Kindle ebook RDA CD
  9. 856 field(s): Remove all 856 fields
  10. Export record
Sirsi Workflows
  1. Begin with an OCLC provider-neutral ebook record
  2. Convert the OCLC provider-neutral ebook record into an NCSU Amazon Kindle eBook Record
    1. Note: This step can be done using the OCLC Kindle ebook RDA constant data, then edit the record.
Importing an NCSU Amazon Kindle Provider-Specific Record into Sirsi

SmartPort Settings:

  1. Title control number source: opgh
  2. Call sources: LC,050,,N/LC,090,,N
  3. Library: DHHILL
  4. Format: MARC
Sirsi Call Number/Item Record

Each Kindle ebook bib record has a single corresponding call/number item record

  1. Call Number: final call # element is KINDLE EBOOK
    1. TX649 .H345 A3 2010 KINDLE EBOOK
  2. Class scheme: LC
  3. Call library: DHHILL
  4. Item ID: AUTO
  5. Type: EBOOK
  6. Home location: TECHLEND
  7. Item library: DHHILL
  8. Permenent = checked
  9. Circulate = checked

Endowment Notes Procedure

Acquisitions creates and assigns a Remedy ticket requesting Endowment notes be added to specific Kindle ebook titles to the Monograph Section Advanced ULT. The Monograph Section Advanced ULT will further assign work to Section staff as needed via Remedy.

  1. Follow local policy and procedure: Endowment Fund Authority List

Bound-with Policy

  1. As of September 12, 2011, NCSU Libraries no longer applies bound-with fuctionality to Kindle ebook cataloging.

M&C Kindle eBook Cataloging Workflows

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