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Current Kindle eBook Workflow (as of September 17, 2014)

Kindle eBook cataloging requests are triggered by an Amazon purchase receipt sent to the NCSU kindlestrikeforce listserv:

  1. ADS purchases a Kindle ebook for a device
  2. Amazon purchase receipt is forwarded to the acq-monographs account.
  3. Title information and link are added to the Kindle Cataloging spreadsheet Google doc
  4. Titles are assigned to individual staff members for cataloging

Some Kindle titles end up being purchased more than once. If we already have a record for the Kindle title in SIRSI, make sure the info is correct, and mark the item as completed.

  1. Search Sirsi.
    1. If the title has not already been cataloged, search for, derive, or create a Provider Neutral ebook record.
    2. If an original record is required (no suitable print version from which an ebook record can be derived) create original
    3. Information on deriving a Provider Neutral record from a print record can be found on the E-Book Cataloging page.
      1. use Constant data Derived Ebook RDA or the Connection macro
    4. Information on editing a provider-specific record to make it Provider Neutral can be found on the E-Book Cataloging -- Provider Neutral records page.
  2. If the Provider Neutral record is new, or has been created by editing a provider specific record, save it to WorldCat.
    1. For a new record: Menu item Action --> Holdings --> Udate Holdings
    2. For an existing record which has been edited: Menu item Action --> Replace Record
  3. Apply the Constant Data record appropriate to your record (AACR2 or RDA)
    1. Apply Constant Data called Kindle ebook RDA

To apply Constant Data records: Menu item Edit --> Constant Data --> Online --> Apply by Name... (or Apply from List). Only apply Variable fields!

  1. Add the ASIN from the Amazon page for the title to the 500 note added via the Constant Data.
  2. Edit the call number so that instead of ending in "ebook," it ends in "Kindle ebook" (you may have to add/create a call number)
  3. Add your initials to the record.
  4. RDA records should have a 338 field for "other computer carrier" supplied by the Constant Data. Delete the 338 that says "online resource"
  5. Export the record from Connexion and import into SIRSI. Watch for overlays!
    1. Do not accidentally overlay an existing print record. See E-Book Cataloging for info on bringing in the ebook record without overlaying the print.
    2. Do not overlay an existing ebook record from another provider. Let someone know if you have difficulty bringing in the Kindle record without overlaying the existing ebook record.
  6. Add the item record:
    1. Library = DHHILL
    2. Item Type = EBOOK
    3. Location = TECHLEND
  1. Set the Date Cataloged to TODAY
  2. Mark the record as complete on the spreadsheet by filling in the Catalog Date field.
Finding a matching record

Without access to the actual Kindle book, finding a match can be tricky. Some clues can be found in the "Product Details" section of the Amazon page for the Kindle title.

  • Page number information from Print Length will seldom be an exact match for any records in WorldCat, but it can give a good approximation.
  • The Source ISBN is a good search tool. It should be a print ISBN and should appear in an 020 $z in your final record.
  • Publisher information or the "Sold by" field may be used to make a publisher match in your record.
  • ASIN is not generally a good search term in WorldCat, but it may help you fine a Kindle title in SIRSI, and it should appear in a 500 note in your final record.
  • Watch out for records that are for the audio version of the item. These may resemble other ebook records, but are not a good match.
Kindle Workflow Diagram