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NOTE: This page has not been verified since moving over from the website. Please update or chat with your supervisor about having it updated!

Occasionally we receive children's/juvenile titles for Hill stacks. Per Joanne Oud in Collection Management these books have been ordered for a language class and they should be given the Language Reader classification number.


  • Call Number: Please consult the P schedules for the appropriate classification number.
  • Cutter by main entry.
  • Be sure to include date in the call number.
  • Add appropriate subject heading: e.g. 650 b0 German language|xReaders.

How to determine if you have such a title in hand? The order record does not give explicit instructions, so please be alert IF:

  • It is a children's book; and
  • The location is NOT Special Collections or LRL; and
  • The selector's name is OUD on the order record

it is likely to be a Language Reader. As always, when in doubt, consult. Please remember some juvenile Spanish titles may be designated for Dr. Salstad's Juvenile Spanish Literature collection which has its own procedures.

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