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Pay Invoice:

  1. Select Acquisitions tool bar in Sirsi.
  2. From Invoices menu click Pay Invoice.
  3. Be sure all lines on the invoice are checked.
  4. Click "Pay Selected Lines".
  5. If processing:
    1. For payment by check, click "Review this invoice" and keep window open. Proceed to print Audit Signature Cover Sheet steps below.
    2. For payment by Credit card or from deposit funds click "Close".  No Audit Signature Cover Sheet is needed for these invoices.

Print Audit Signature Cover Sheet

  1. Select the Invoice tab in the Pay Invoice window.
  2. Select "File:Print Screen" from the Sirsi toolbar.
  3. Highlight and copy the Invoice header from the invoice number through the receiver's initials or the pay status field (if "AP" appears there)
  4. Open Signature stamp document from the G:\ Drive.
  5. Paste the copy text into the Signature stamp document.
  6. Print document.
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