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  1. Log into E-matrix.
  2. From the Tools drop-down menu on the toolbar, select "Access Verification".
  3. You will be taken to your queue of titles to verify. Click the "Start Verification" button next to the first title in the queue.
  4. Under Automated Checks click "Run". This will verify the presence of the ISSN(s) and title record in E-Matrix.
  5. Under Manual Checks select "Public NCSU Journals Search (Title)". This will open the Journal List display in a new tab within your browser. View it to verify that your title displays in the Journal List. (TAKE NOTE: Does this title backfile access?)
  6. Under Manual Checks select "Confirm Access On Provider's Site" by placing your arrow over the text, right clicking and selecting "Open Link in New Tab".
    1. Are we able to access the content?
    2. Do the listed coverage dates in E-Matrix match the accessible content? (Watch for backfile access and/or title changes that may be mistaken as Bonus Access)
  7. If title is accessible and coverage is correctly described verify that “OK” is selected from the Result drop-down menu and click the "Finish" button.
  8. If the title is determined to be a problem at any point during the verification process, select the appropriate problem type from the Result drop-down menu (see chart below for definitions). Include any important information in the Note field and click the "Finish" button. This will automatically generate a Remedy ticket that will be sent through Technical Services Triage.

Ex. ServiceNow Ticket:
Resource: Contributions to economic analysis & policy
ISSN(s): 1538-0645
Container: Berkeley Electronic Press Journals
Coverage: Available from 2002

Problem Category: Access Denied
Note: This is a TEST TICKET: ASSIGN to Christenna

Reported By: Markley, Christenna
Date: Tue Nov 01 15:19:37 EDT 2011

Problem Type


Access Denied

Our subscription is current but access at the publisher site is denied. Often a result of publisher error.

Coverage dates

Displayed coverage date thresholds do not match subscribed access.

EZ Proxy

Linking error resulting from incorrect or missing EZ proxy configuration data.


Access point is missing from the public display due to E-matrix system error. May also be discovered through Automated check.

Title Change

Loss of access resulting from an undiscovered title change.

Transfer Title

Loss of access resulting from the transfer of the content from one publisher to another.

URL incorrect

Loss of access resulting from a broken url or linking problem.


Loss of access due to any reason not covered above. Be sure to record some details in the Note field.