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Some vendors will require prepayment before shipping a title.

Proforma Invoice

     A vendor may send an invoice (proforma) for prepayment. Create purchase order, if not already created.

  1. Note on Extended Information Note field in purchase order. :  PREPAYMONO
  2. Stamp the invoice with the Invoice Verification stamp and then complete Invoice Received line with date and your initials. The second line of the stamp Goods/Services Received  will be noted as prepaid - and expected date of delivery of material.
  3. Make 2 copies of the invoice, if the vendor is in the US.
  4. You will have one original and 1 copies
    1. Note on the original "PREPAYMONO" This should be added to the Note field when creating the invoice.
    2. If this is a new vendor located  in the U.S., it will be necessary to obtain a completed W-9 form before sending the invoice through for payment.  The W-9 form must accompany our working copy of the invoice. 
    3. Include telephone number on working copy.
    4. Be sure it is clearly noted for Finance and Business how the check is to be made out. Note on the second  copy - yellow sticky - "For Jo Bray".
    5. Address an envelope to the vendor and attach to Jo's copy if a check will be written. It is not necessary if the payment will be by bank transfer.
    6. Paper clip together the copy for Finance and Business and also the copy for Jo Bray
    7. Place in Sharons' incoming tray.
  5. International Vendor. -  Follow the directions above, but it is not necessary to make Jo a copy. International payments are made through a financial service, so she does not mail a check.

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Prepayment Required - No Invoice Received

     A vendor may require prepayment, but not send an invoice.

  1. Obtain completed W-9 form from the vendor.
  2. Print 2 copies of the PO that you have placed in Workflows.
  3.  Go to Reports, Print Specific Purchase Orders in Workflows to create the purchase order to mail.  Print Purchase Orders to Mail  The printed purchase order will be used as an invoice. NOTE: If we are to pay shipping, it will be necessary to itemize shipping separately from the titles, and then total.  Follow steps  a. through f.
  4. Follow usual Invoice Preparation for Finance & Business


When these items are received, it will only be necessary to go to the purchase order in Workflows, receive and load. If the item arrives without paperwork, just receive the item as usual. If the item does arrive with paperwork, attach that paper (with Invoice Verification stamp) with the original paperwork in the file. This would be our verification of receipt.

Added by Zorica 06/15/09