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Current Local Practice

We currently create provider neutral records in OCLC for:

Note: local adoption of provider neutral guidelines may vary. Documentation will indicate when we deviate from provider neutral guidelines in our local catalog.

Defining concepts

Provider neutral refers to catalog records that describe the resource (the ebook, ejournal, or streaming media), but not the individual provider of that resource (Ebrary, NetLibrary, Springer, etc.). The description will include common attributes, such as the author, title, publisher, pages, and GMD ("electronic resource"), but leave out reproduction information in the 533 and the 856 linking to the provider. Provider-specific information can be added back into the bibliographic record at the local catalog. If the library were to buy the same title from another e-publisher, we would simply add an extra 856 to the existing P-N record, pointing to the new provider's version of the work, rather than creating a new record for the second provider.

An aggregator is an agency that brings together e-content and offers it for sale as a package rather than title-by-title. Ebrary and NetLibrary are examples of aggregators of e-books, while Ebsco and others offer this model for serials. The library negotiates the nature of the package and the vendor then sweetens the deal by adding in a few other titles that might not have been as high priorities for the library's purchase. It is more likely to be a license than a purchase.

Full report: Provider-Neutral E-Resource MARC Record Guide: P-N/RDA Combined Version

In addition, there is a guiding document available to vendors who wish to create and distribute MARC records for aggregated collections: MARC Record Guide for Monograph Aggregator Vendors, 2nd ed. This document articulates, field-by-field, how monographic ebook records should be encoded.