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Short 'n' Sweet: A 540 note using the standard language "Public performance rights secured." will be added to media records in the local catalog when public performance rights (PPR) are secured by NCSU Libraries.

Long 'n' Drawn Out: Workflow will vary depending on whether the title exists in the collection or is newly purchased.

  • Existing Titles
    • A ServiceNow ticket will be submitted requesting the Public Performance Rights (PPR) note be added
  • New Purchases
    • C&RS/ERL/Specialist will place a note in CORAL that public performance rights are licensed for the title in the order record. 
    • C&RS will forward the email agreements or other agreements to Monographs ER&L to file. 
    • When placing the purchase order, A&D staff will add a note in the orderline note field to alert the cataloging staff to add the PPR note. The note could read like this "Add 540 note 'Public performance rights secured.'"
    • When the items are received and cataloged, A&D staff will add the note "Public performance rights secured." to 540 of the catalog record. 

Original Cataloging: The 540 PPR note is local to NC State.  When performing original cataloging in OCLC, do not include a 540 PPR note.  Add the 540 PPR note after exporting an original record from OCLC into the local catalog.

540 Field Example

540 _ _ Public performance rights secured.

  • Notes:
    • Indicators are blank
    • Field terminates with a period
    • Field currently displays in Blacklight