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As of April 8, 2013 the following policy is in place for upgrading/enhancing/editing monographic bibliographic records. This policy is in accordance with the OCLC RDA Policy Statement (effective March 31, 2013).

Original Cataloging

All monographic original cataloging should be performed using RDA.

Copy Cataloging

Monographic record upgrades, enhancements and edits should follow the original record's descriptive cataloging code:

AACR2 Records
  • AACR2 records may be enhanced/edited in accordance with AACR2
  • Cataloger's may use judgment when choosing to convert an AACR2 record to RDA. Converting a WorldCat AACR2 record to RDA is now dependent upon OCLC Cataloging Authorization level, not the OCLC Encoding Level (ELvL), see OCLC RDA Policy Statement
  • If the decision is made to convert an AACR2 record to RDA, re-description should be a complete process where all appropriate elements are evaluated in light of RDA and where the resource (or surrogate) is in hand.
RDA Records
  • RDA records should enhanced/edited in accordance with RDA
  • WorldCat RDA records may not be converted to AACR2, see OCLC RDA Policy Statement

Hybrid Records

NCSU accepts hybrid monographic RDA and AACR2 records in accordance with the Report of the PCC Post-Implementation Hybrid Bibliographic Records Guidelines Task Group.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • RDA records may not contain a General Material Designation field (245 $h)
  • AACR2 records may contain 33X fields in addition to a General Material Designation field (245 $h)

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