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Direct vendors occasionally send refund checks as they balance their books and realize that we have overpaid, or paid for returned material, etc. The check will usually be sent to Acquisitions, but may occasionally be sent to University Accounting, who will deposit the check and send notification to Jo Bray, who will notify you.

Most of the time the vendor will provide scant or cryptic information as to what product the refund is for – you will get their internal control number or some such. Call the vendor as needed to get correct information. Also, research old invoices as needed for anything to match on.

Once you determine what the check is for, you may proceed with getting the deposit to Finance & Business, and to getting the deposit information into Sirsi.

If you can’t determine what the check is for, deposit against a fund matching what the vendor usually supplies (example: 5600 for a continuations vendor)

  1. Fill out a deposit slip, following the example in the deposit folder
  2. Photocopy the check and the deposit slip and keep them together.
  3. Walk the check and deposit slip upstairs to the Finance & Business office
Sirsi work: add and pay invoice
  1. Use the check as an invoice
    1. Research orders and note on the check copy what PO you are processing against
    2. Make any notes on the PO that you want to, regarding a refund being received
  2. Input the check number as an invoice number and fill out invoice header information
    1. Invoice date: use check date
    2. Note field: put account number (5600 standing orders, 5692 memberships, 5693 databases, 5694 subscriptions, 5696 utilities)
    3. Note field: note that this is a refund check
  3. Add invoice lines
    1. If the refund credits money paid in the current fiscal year, use an adjust link to pay against the PO you have determined to be the correct one or,
    2. If the refund credits money paid in a previous fiscal year, use a fund link to pay against the funding used for the original payment
    3. List the dollar amount as negative
  4. Pay the invoice
  5. File the check copy and deposit slip copy in the paid invoice file by vendor, with the original paid invoice, or stand alone