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Lost Books Replaced by Patron

  • When materials come to us to replace lost copies:
    • The replacement copy should have already been viewed/approved by Collections & Research Strategy for addition to the collection. If someone (a patron, ADS staff, etc.) calls us about viewing/approving a replacement copy, send them to ADS
    • The lost copy should have a status of LOST-CLAIM in Symphony when they come to us.
Replacement Book Matches Existing Bibliographic Record
  1. Create a new item record for the replacement copy on the LOST-CLAIM or WITHDRAWN call number record
  2. LOST-COPY or WITHDRAWN record:
    1. Retain record as-is (Do NOT delete)
    2. Added extended staff note: Replaced by patron
  3. Record statistic
Replacement Book Requires New Bibliographic Record
  1. Perform cataloging for replacement copy
  2. Bring in the new bibliographic record and create call number/item record
  3. Do NOT:
    1. Overlay the LOST-CLAIM/WITHDRAWN bib record with the replacement copy record
    2. Delete the LOST-CLAIM/WITHDRAWN call number/item or bibliographic record
  4. LOST-COPY/WITHDRAWN item record:
    1. Retain bibliographic, call number and item records as-is (Do NOT delete)
    2. Added extended staff note to item record: Replaced by patron
  5. Record statistic

Lost Books Paid For by Patron

  • Do not delete items with LOST or WITHDRAWN status
  • ADS does need other LOST categories to remain in Symphony. If the person does find the book they claimed they lost, ADS may refund money and will set the LOST-PAID item back to AVAILABLE.
  • Collection Management may or may not replace the item lost and, if they do, it will go through the normal Acq-to-M&C workflow. All LOST-PAID items should remain in Symphony indefinitely.

Replacement Copies from Preservation (Draft)

These are copies of books too worn to be repaired by Preservation staff. They can not be photocopied or repaired. A&D orders a new copy of the title. The new copy and the orginal copy will come together for cataloging.

When the replacement copy is the SAME edition as the withdrawn copy

  1. The original copy, to be replaced, will likely be checked out to BOOK REPAIR and not able to circulate
    1. Withdraw copy: discharge it and change the location  to WITHDRAWN
    2. Added extended staff note: Replaced by patron
  2. Add the new copy to the bibliographic record using a separate call number/item record
  3. Record statistic

check order p.o. that rides with new book. which section?

When the replacement copy is a DIFFERENT edition as the withdrawn copy

If the replacement copy is not the same edition as the original copy, you will need to download a new record and add the holdings. Remember to delete our holdings from OCLC for the original.

  • If you get an error that you can't delete a bibliographic record due to it having an attached order, please see Patrice.