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During the second and fourth weeks of each month, review the your claims according to the process below:

  1. Using the claims database, enter the work queue for the type of claim you are reviewing (Ebsco, GOBI, or direct).
  2. Check if the claimed issue has been received by looking at the serial control in Sirsi.
  3. Pull up the claim on the agent web site.
  4. If a claim is filled, resolve it on the agent web site and check the "Resolved" box in the claims database.
  5. If a claim is unfilled, but still within the claim period, reclaim it at the agent site. Make a note in the claims database that it has been claimed twice.
  6. If an item remains unfilled, but is more than 2 months old or has already been claimed twice, cancel it at the agent site. Check the "Needs replacement" box in the claims database.

Specific instructions for each type of claim follow below.

EBSCO claim checker

  1. Login in to EBSCONet
  2. Click on the link for "Claim Checker."
  3. Search for the claim you are working on.
  4. If EBSCO says that issue has been sent, confirm receipt in Sirsi.
  5. If the issue has arrived, select "Received" from the Action pull-down menu in the claim checker.
  6. If the issue is still within the claim period and has only been claimed once before, select "Reclaim."
  7. If you believe the issue needs more time to arrive, select "Relist."
  8. If the claim is unsuccessful (it's been claimed twice and still has not arrived), click "Remove." Check the "Claim unsuccessful" box in the database.

Checking direct claims

  1. Check each direct item in Sirsi.
  2. If it has been received, mark it as resolved in the claims database.
  3. If it has not been received and was claimed more than one month ago, mark it as "Claim unsuccessful." We will not pursue second claims for direct items.