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1. Verify that a major change has occurred (see Serial Record Changes Overview - Title Changes, AACR2 21.2C, or RDA and
2. If title has ceased or changed, close out the applicable record in SIRSI as follows (see CONSER Manual, module 21.3).

  • Edit Dat_Tp, Date 2, 362, 260/264 (if last print issue is in hand), and add a 785 for new title, if applicable.
  • If feasible, add total volume count to 300 field.
  • Verify coverage in print holdings or on the publisher's web site.
  • Remove latest issue consulted note if last issue is in hand.
  • Delete 599.
  • Unmulver if appropriate.
    • Check to see if both the print and electronic versions of the title have ceased/experienced a title change/etc.
    • Make sure these changes are reflected in both the print and electronic records where applicable.
  • Check the serial control.
    • For print records, verify that the last issue has been checked in, and, if not, be sure there is/are prediction/s for the last issue/s that are expected.
    • Verify that the control is ceased. If the control is still active, close it.
    • Delete serial controls for electronic resources.
  • We are no longer maintaining MARC Holdings for print serials, except perhaps in rare instances. When we were, we made the following edits:
    • Change Acq_Stat to 2
    • Close 866 summary field with last barcoded volume.  Preservation/Binding will update when binding of final issue/s is complete.
    • Delete "Currently received." |z note. Preservation will remove any other relevant notes when the last issues are bound.

3. Bring in new record for print and/or electronic versions of the title, overlaying brief bib records as needed.

  • Edit the 049.
  • Change the date cataloged to TODAY.
  • Check the new ISSN, either on the first issue, using Connexion, the ISSN portal, Ulrichsweb, or the publisher site. Use appropriate qualifier.  Do not include the earlier title's ISSN as an invalid 022.
  • Add the 780 linking field, if one is not already there, with the |xISSN of the earlier title.
  • Verify subject headings.
    • Is the scope of the journal still the same?
    • Will it be shelved next to the former title?  If the scope remains the same, use the same call no.  If not, reclass appropriately.
    • Has the frequency changed? (If yes and the title is print, make sure this is reflected in new serial control when you create it.)
  • Create item record with call number but do not add enumeration and, do not barcode print pieces.
  • Create serial control.
  • We are no longer adding MARC Holdings for print serials, except perhaps in rare instances. When we were, we used the following guidelines:
    • 852|cSTACKS
    • Add "z" notes to the 852: example: |zNewest issues located in the current periodicals shelving area.|xlam
    • Start 866 with first loose issue in hand of new title with open-ended hyphen.

4. Note the title change in the STATUS line of the PO(s).

  • Use CONTINUES to show the earlier title
  • Use CONTINUED BY to show the later title

5. Update OCLC master records whenever possible.