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LocationDisplay locationShadowed
ACQAcquisitions Dept.
ACQ-CAcquisitions Dept.X
ACQ-ELECAcquisitions Dept. - Electronic ordersX
ACQ-SAcquisitions Dept. - SerialsX
ACQ-TESTAcquisitions Dept. - for testing
ARCHIVESUniversity Archives
AUCTIONCATAuction Catalogs
AVAIL_SOONAvailable soon
BINDERYMaterial at the bindery
BOTMISSINGbookBot missing itemsX
CANCELLEDCancelled titles (shadowed)X
CIRCDESKCirculation Desk
CUR-PERCurrent Periodicals
DALTONPat Dalton Collection (LRL)
DATASPACEDataspace (3rd floor)
DISCARDWithdrawn from the collectionX
DISPLAYFront Display
DOCMISSINGGPO smart barcode projectX
DUKEOffsite Storage
DUKESHADOWDuke Storage shadowedX
ELLEnglish language learners
EQUINEEquine Health Center, Southern Pines
FACPUBS-RRFaculty Publications Collection - Reading Room
FACULTYPUBFaculty Publications Collection
FCTLFaculty Center for Teaching & LearningX
FLOATDVDVideo DVD floating collection
FLOATGAMEResearch Game Floating Collection
GPOGPO notification serviceX
GRAPH-NOVGraphic Novels
GROUND-RRGround Floor Reading Room
HAB-REFLeah DeyPurr Day Haven Animal Behavior Reference C
HANGINGBAGLRL kits--hanging bag
HIST-FICTHistorical Fiction
HOLDSOn hold for someone
ILLOn loan to another library
INFOTEXTInformational text
INPROCESSBeing cataloged
INSHIPPINGBeing shipped to destinationX
INTRANSITBeing transferred between libraries
JUVENILEJuvenile Collection
JUV-FICTJuvenile fiction collection (LRL)
JUV-OVERJuvenile fiction oversize (LRL)
KIOSKKiosk items
KITKit Collection
LAH-REFLarge Animal Hospital Bijou Reference Collection
LONGOVRDUEItems long overdueX
LOST-ASSUMAssumed lostX
LOST-CLAIMClaims lostX
LOST-PAIDLost and paid forX
LRL-STOLRL Textbook Storage
LTSLearning Technology Services
LVLREADERLRL kits--LVL readers
MAKERSPACED.H. Hill Makerspace reference collection
MANUSCRIPTManuscripts Collection
MAPSMap Collection
MATERIALSMaterials Collection
MEDIAMedia Center
MEDIA-CIRCCirculation desk
MEDIA-OVERMedia Collection Oversize
MEDIA-STOD.H. Hill Media Storage
METCALFZeno Metcalf Collection
MFGUIDESMicroforms guides-2nd floor
MISSINGSearch in progress for itemX
MISSING-CSearch completed for missing itemX
MOVMISSINGMissing items related to the Hunt/bookBot moveX
NCDOCSNorth Carolina documents temp
NCDOCS-MFNorth Carolina microform documents
NETInternet resource
NETDOCInternet resource GPO title
NEWBKHUNTNew book shelf
NEWBOOKNew book shelf
NOLOCNo LocationX
OFF-ACQAcquisitions OfficeX
OFF-ADMAdministrative OfficeX
OFF-ARCHArchives OfficeX
OFF-CATCataloging OfficeX
OFF-CMCollection Management OfficeX
OFF-DEVELDevelopment OfficeX
OFF-DLIDigital Library Initiatives OfficeX
OFF-DLSDistance Learning Services OfficeX
OFF-FACILFacilities OfficeX
OFF-FBFinance & Business OfficeX
OFF-FOLFriends of the Library OfficeX
OFFICEOffice copy (not for Hill)X
OFF-OFFSTOffsite Services OfficeX
OFF-PERSPersonnel OfficeX
OFF-PHOTOPhotocopy OfficeX
OFF-PRESPreservation OfficeX
OFF-SCCScholarly Communication CenterX
OFF-SPECSpecial Collections OfficeX
OFF-SYSSystems OfficeX
ON-ORDEROn-order status
OPENSHELFDesignated Hunt Library openshelves at DHHILL
OVERSIZEOversize (Folio)
OVERSIZE2Oversize 2 (Folio 2)
PRAGUEPrague Institute
PRESERVPreservation Dept.
PRINTDDABooks by request
PRVProvost's OfficeX
REFReference Material
REF-ATLASReference Atlas Area
REF-DESKReference Desk
REF-GISReference Desk GIS Cabinet
REF-MAPReference Map CaseX
REF-OVERReference OversizedX
REF-OVER2Reference Oversized 2
REF-USDOCSReference U.S. Depository Collection
REPAIRTemporarily unavailable; Being repaired or replace
RESERVESReserve Shelves
RESHELVINGJust returned
RSRV-DESDesign Library course reserve
RSRV-DESKReserve desk shelves
RSRV-DLSD. H. Hill Distance Learning Services reserves
RSRV-ELECElectronic Reserve
RSRV-HILLD. H. Hill Reserves
RSRV-HUNTJ. B. Hunt Library Reserves Desk
RSRV-LRLCollege of Education Media Center reserve
RSRV-MEDIAD. H. Hill Media reserve
RSRV-NRLNatural Resources Library course reserve
RSRV-TEXTLTextiles Library course reserve
RSRV-VMLVeterinary Medicine Library course reserve
SATELLITESpecial Collections rare books collection at Satel
SAT-OVSpecial Collections folio collection at Satellite
SAT-OV2Special Collections folio2 collection at Satellite
SCI-BESTScience Best Sellers Collection
SCIFIScience in fiction
SLSMarcive shipping list serviceX
SPANNEDSpanned records
SPECSpecial Collections rare books
SPEC-AACCSpecial Collections - Autographed Books Collection
SPEC-DSpecial Collections materials at Duke StorageX
SPEC-ODSpecial Collections materials at Duke Storage
STACKSBook stacks
STCKS-SRLJournals--shelved by title
STORAGEVeterinary Medicine realia collection
TECCLASSICClassics in Engineering and Textiles
TECHHOLDTermporarily unavailable device current location
TECHLENDCirculation desk
TESTCOLTest Collection
TEXTBOOKTextbook collection
UNKNOWNUnknown location (temporary)X
US-DOCSU.S. Documents
US-DOCS-CBU.S. Documents Media Cabinet
US-DOCS-MFU.S. Documents Microform
US-DOCS-MPU.S. documents maps collection
US-DOCS-O2U.S. Documents Oversized 2
US-DOCS-OVU.S. Documents Oversized
US-DOCS-PFU.S. Documents Pamphlet File
US-DOCS-PTU.S. Documents Patents & Trademarks Cabinet
VETSV.E.T.S. Collection (VetMed textbooks)
WC-BAENGWorking Collections: Biological & Agricultural EngX
WC-CHEMWorking Collections: ChemistryX
WC-FOODSCIWorking Collections: Food ScienceX
WC-NUCENGWorking Collections: Nuclear EngineeringX
WITHDRAWNMWithdrawn--unrecoverd missingX
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