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Unicorn cataloging report functionality: Authorities
Report nameFull report nameSKBPDCDRDMDI#FLCNOTIMWPurpose
loadauthbatchAuthority database overlay x Same as loadauthimp, but for much larger files (tens of thousands)
correcthesauriCorrect authority Used to add and remove relationships (broader, narrower, etc.) between authority terms.
authcntCount authority records xx x Count of authority records by user-defined characteristics.
authlistList authority records xx x List of authority records by user-defined characteristics.
unauthbibList unauthorized bib xxx xxx xList of unauthorized headings in bib records by user-defined
unauthlistList unauthorized tags xxx xxx xCount and list UNAUTHORIZED headings for one tag or UNAUTH headings for all tags.
loadauthimpLoad authority records Batch loader for authority records
rebuildauthRebuild authority indexx Rebuild authority index from authority database. Must halt workstation prior to running. Systems only.
rebldthesauriRebuild authority thesaurix Breaks all SEE and SEE ALSO relationships between authority records. Must run correcthesauri several times after running this report. Systems only.
reorgthesauriReorganize thesaurix Reorganize authority thesauri to reclaim disk space. Systems only.
Locations in red require system overide password
S=System report only
DC=Date cataloged
DR=Date created
DM=Date modified
DI=Date circ'd
#=Number circs
CN=Call number
T=Item type
I=Item cats
W=Bound with
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