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Unicorn cataloging report functionality: Bibliographic
Report nameFull report nameSKBPDCDRDMDI#FLCNOTIMWPurpose
itemlabelsAdded item labels x x Batch print labels based on library and date created.
averagepubyrAverage date of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxCalculate average pub year for titles by specified characteristics.
averagepriceAverage price of books xxxxxxxxxxxxxxCalculate average price of items with specified characteristics.
calllabelsCall number labels xx xCreate call number labels by entering call number directly to console.
indcheckCheck nonfiling indicators Lists entries in 245, 440, 740, 830 with bad non-filing indicators.
cvtdiscardConvert discard items x x x Prepare items charged to a specified user to run remdiscard.
boundwithcntCount bound-with call x x Count of bound-with titles by library and/or date created.
callcntCount call number records xx xCount call numbers (volumes) by library and class range.
invcntCount item numbers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxCount of collection size, little-used items, new items.
titlecntCount item titles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxCount titles, based on item record characteristics.
itemcntCount items x x x xxxx Count items, based on item record characteristics.
catcntCount titles xxxx x Count titles.
dispitemDisplay items by ID Display items by entering ID (barcode) number.
dupflexkeysDuplicate flexkeys with xxxx x Lists records with duplicate title control numbers (flexkeys) by call
duptitlesDuplicate titles with xxxx x Lists duplicate titles with corresponding pub date and flexkey.
globaleditEdit entire database x xxxx x Global search and replace.
prepmarexpExtract keys for MARC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCreate file for export in MARC format
itemstatItem statistics xxxxxxxxxxxxxxStatistics based on current items.
bibliographyList bibliography x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxCreate bibliography based on keyword search or specified characteristics.
calllistList call number records xx xList of call number records by user-defined characteristics.
dupcallnumsList duplicate calls xx xCount and list duplicate call numbers.
entrylsitList entries from catalog x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxSelected entries from full-text catalog.
invlistList inventory by item xxxxxxxxxxxxxxShelflist format listing of every item in catalog.
itemlistList items x xx x xxxx List of item records by specified characteristics.
titlelistList titles xxxx x List of titles by specified characteristics.
movecollectionMove collection items xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Move a list of items to new library/location.
printlongPrint long labels xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPrint long labels for items specified from last date.
printspinePrint spine labels xxxxxxxxxxxxxxPrint spine labels for items added since specified date.
remreviewRemove DELETE records x x Remove review records with status flag delete.
remdiscardRemove DISCARD items Batch removal of items with current location of DISCARD.
rembylocationRemove items by location x xx x xxxx Move items to new location and/or discard items at location. Can move items charged to designated user.
setdiscardSet items to DISCARD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxSet current location of items to DISCARD.
spineidSpine labels for specified x Print spine labels for items specified by barcodes.
Locations in red require system overide password
S=System report only
DC=Date cataloged
DR=Date created
DM=Date modified
DI=Date circ'd
#=Number circs
CN=Call number
T=Item type
I=Item cats
W=Bound with
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