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Cataloging special collections materials often requires research. These reference sources include information on the parts of a book, the history of the book, and format-specific highlights. These reference sources can be used to inform, confirm, or provide appropriate vocabulary for the cataloger in descriptive work and access points. Several books are located in the Special Collections Research Center Reference area.

Rules & Interpretations



Form / Genre Thesauri

Glossaries / Useful Terms


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  • Geoffrey Glaister, Encyclopedia of the Book. 2nd, with a new introduction by Donald Farren. New Castle, Del.: Oak Knoll Press, 1996. Spec. Coll. Ref. Z118 .G55 1996


Descriptive Bibliography

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Latin Place Names


  • R.A. Peddie, Place Names in Imprints: An Index to the Latin and Other Forms Used on Title Pages. London: Grafton & Co., 1932. [1968 reprint: Detroit: Gale Research Co.]


Early Printing Terms & Abbreviations

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Pseudonyms & Anonyms

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  • Gaetano Melzi. Dizionario di Opere Anonime e Pseudonime di Scrittori Italiani, o Como Che Sia Aventi Relazione all'Italia. Milano: L. di Giacomo Pirola, 1848-1859.
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Animal Rights

  • Kistler, John M. Animal rights : a subject guide, bibliography, and Internet companion. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, c2000. Spec. Coll. Ref. Z7164 .C45 K57 2000


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  • Royal Entomological Society of London. Library. Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Entomological Society of London. Boston : G. K. Hall, 1980. Spec. Coll. Ref. Folio QL463 .R732 1980 v.1-5


  • Harvard University. Arnold Arboretum. Library. Catalogue of the library of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University. Cambridge : Printed at the Cosmos Press, 1914- Spec. Coll. Folio QK475 .H37 1914 v.1-3


  • Arents, George. Tobacco, its history illustrated by the books, manuscripts and engravings in the library of George Arents. New York : The Rosenbach Company, 1937-1952. Spec. Coll. Folio SB273 .A765 1937 v.1-5

Victorian Period

  • King, Edmund M. B. Victorian Decorated Trade Bindings, 1830-1880: A Descriptive Bibliography. British Library and Oak Knoll Press, 2003. Spec. Coll. Ref.



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Graphic Design

  • Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Aus vollem Halse : russische Buchillustration und Typographie 1900-1930. Munchen ; New York : Prestel, 1993. Spec. Coll. Ref. NC985 .B39 1993
  • Constructivism & futurism : Russian & other. New York : Ex Libris, c1977. (Ex libris ; 6) Spec. Coll. Ref. NX556 .A1 C66 1977
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  • Greenfield, Jane. ABC of Bookbinding : A Unique Glossary with over 700 illustrations for Collectors and Librarians. New Castle, DE : Oak Knoll Press ; Carleton, Nottingham, UK : Plough Press, 2002. Spec. Coll. Ref. Z266.7 .G74 2002

False & Fictious Imprints

  • Gustave Brunet. Imprimeurs Imaginaries et Libraries Supposes. Paris: Tross, 1866.
  • Marino Parenti. Dizionario dei Luoghi di Stampa Flasi, Inventati o Suppositi in Opere di Autori e Tradduttori Italiani. Firenze: Sansoni, 1951.
  • Emil Ottokar Weller. Die Flaschen und Fingierten Druckorte. 2 verm. und verb. Aufl. Leipzig:  W. Engelmann, 1864.
  • Denis B. Woodfield. Surreptitious Printing in England, 1550-1640. New York: Bibliographical Society of America, 1973.