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The summer textbook list will be created and manipulated by the DPP process. 

Once a final list has been established, it will be distributed to all Monograph staff.

Keep  in mind the information provided will be Bookstore abbreviated.

  •  ALL titles and/or ISBNs should be searched in Workflows prior to ordering.

    • It is recommended to do a search in Amazon or on your browser, to identify what edition is being requested
    • Check for duplicate print or ebook.
    • If this title is a duplicate, make a note on the google sheet as to the format we own, or check with Specialist

  • Once it is determined we do not own the title in any format, search a vendor following this list.

    • Gobi, RUSH option  (3010-03)
    • Amazon
    • Amazon Marketplace (be mindful of price) or...
    • Gobi non-rush (3010-14)
    • Abebooks

  • Keep Amazon orders to a minimum of 10 titles per PO.

  • Watch for duplicates after ordering. 
    • There may be a case when an error was made in identifying duplicates. 
    • Should that happen, do not process the book before checking with Specialist.
  • Item Locations
    • D.H. Hill
      • Library = DHHILL
      • Home location = Textbook
      • Item type = Corebook
    • Hunt
      • Library = HUNT
      • Home location = Textbook
      • Item type = Corebook
    • Branches (will change Home locations to Reserves as part of their normal reserves processing)
      • Library = (specific branch)
      • Home location = Stacks
      • Item type = Book

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