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See Textbook Workflow - DPP for the latest DPP Textbooks workflows.

Ordering Summer Textbooks

Contact bookstore for the list of textbooks.

The current schedule:

For the Fall semester list, email Ashleen on July 15, Aug. 1, Aug. 15, Sep. 1

For the Spring semester list, email Ashleen on Oct. 15, Nov. 15, Dec. 1, Jan 1

For Summer list, email Ashleen in late April.  

DPP works through each list sent from Ashleen.

Returns:  Titles to be returned will be held until after the third shipment has arrived and all invoices have been sent for payment.

Criteria for Bookstore to follow, per Collection Management :

The adoption lists do not include: e-books, lab manuals, binders, model kits, course-packs, course- pack-like custom texts, or workbooks. Audio CDs and packages may be included. The Bookstore advises that, in some cases, they can only provide the publication as a package. The package may be the same cost as the textbook alone.

As of 2/2019 we will accept any custom texts that are sent by the Bookstore, but do not plan to change the criteria established for the Bookstore to follow.

E-Preferred process

  • DPP receives textbook list from bookstore & processes / creates order list
  • DPP sends order list to Monographs (Ruth/Lynn) 
  • Monographs Specialist checks order list against GOBI to determine the availability of e- versions for purchase
    • GOBI alternate version search process 
    • Specialist reviews remaining titles for other options, such as looseleaf.
  • Specialist removes ordered e-versions and any other rejected titles from the bookstore order list & update the shared drive. 
  • Specialist  sends new order lists and list of e-books ordered to Alex Reher (Access Services) and Silvia Sheffield (NRL).

E-preferred ordering

Per a discussion with C&RS, A&D will move to a policy of preferring to order ebook versions of textbooks over print where available, applying the following criteria:

  • If a textbook isn't available in e-format at all, then order 1 print copy.  C&RS know so that they can make a call as to whether to order more copies. 
  • Overall cut-off price would be $500 for total spend on all copies (print & e-) (NOTE: cost changed from $300 to $500 per discussion with HD 7/20/2020).  
  • Can spend up to $500 for e- versions
      • License model preference is for DRM free/unlimited users, then Unlimited, then 3-user 
      • If an e-textbook is only available as a 3-user, order 1 copy. (per Bertha C. discussion with AS)
      • If an e-textbook is only available as a 1-user, order 3 1-user copies as long as total cost is under $500 (per discussion with C&RS on 7/31/19)
  • For textbooks we already own as e-
    • A&D will check the ebooks for their access 
    • If book is limited access, follow ebook upgrade process

Summer textbooks:

Once ebooks have been pulled from the list, the remainder will be reviewed for dupes, familiar titles (we possibly own), looseleaf, access codes, etc. These  will be pulled from the list. 

The print books to be ordered will be ordered from Amazon, or other pcard vendor.  We will not order these from the bookstore. 

See ordering workflow for summer textbooks. 

Rush Treatment.

Each book has a flag in it that reads Textbooks Reserve. If it is a branch book, it will have a branch flag as well.

These materials (along with other Rush) get the highest departmental priority!

Procedure for Receiving Textbooks.

Creating Invoice

  • Advanced staff (ZC) will create the running Invoice from the lists provided by DPP, once any ebooks have been removed.
  • Staff will Receive and Load each PO.
  • Invoice ID =  TEXTBOOK-[semester]-[year] TEXTBOOK_FALL-2020  
  • Specialist will process Invoice after all textbooks have been handled.

Each staff member will receive a cart of textbooks to Catalog

  • Staff should open the Google spreadsheet that was previously shared
    • Locate the temp (brief) record title (All temp records)
    • Open the PO attached to the record
    • Load and Receive each title.
  • In CATALOGING > MODIFY TITLE > search by title on the piece.
    • Open the temp record using the title on the Google sheet
    • Always Search by the title in hand  (this may differ from the title attached to the Invoice ---bookstore truncated title)
      • Different editions, publication year, publisher are not duplicates.
    • Check for problems.  Textbook Problem Resolutions
    • Flag problems and place on specialists cart (see specialist cart for flags)
    • Continue with the cataloging process
      • Be sure all textbooks are checked out to INPROCESS.
    • Overlay temp/brief records
    • Added copies that we are keeping: - move PO and delete temp/brief record
  • DO NOT add duplicate or suspected duplicate titles unless exception.
    • EXCEPTIONS: The current copy is either MISSING, LOST, WITHDRAWN or CHECKED OUT 

  • DO NOT open plastic packaging until researched fully.

  • DO NOT remove Online Access cards until textbook has been added.
    • Textbook can not be returned if the Access card has been removed.


  • Try to determine if we own bundled pieces before opening package.  If impossible to determine from the packaging, open and add all items.
  • The PO will be attached to a single title (the title listed on the spreadsheet, because the price is collective for all pieces.
  • Add an orderline: This title was bundled with "title," "title,"... (list out the titles).

Locations & Item Types.

  • These books should come from Acquisitions with the correct location and item type already in them with the following values:
    • D.H. Hill
      • Library = DHHILL
      • Home location = Textbook
      • Item type = Corebook
    • Hunt
      • Library = HUNT
      • Home location = Textbook
      • Item type = Corebook
    • Branches (will change Home locations to Reserves as part of their normal reserves processing)
      • Library = (specific branch)
      • Home location = Stacks
      • Item type = Book
    • Accompanying Materials included
      • Send items directly to Preservation once received and cataloged.  Do Not place on Marking shelf.

Duplicates  Textbook Problem Resolutions

  • The goal is to minimize the amount of duplicates we receive. Duplicates will continue to arrive each semester if the ISBNs in the Bookstore data do not match the ISBNs on the MARC record. This happens frequently.
  • Currently we are not keeping duplicates, though exceptions have been made.  Allow Reserves to make the decision on keeping a duplicate print, so long as we do not have the e-version.

Processing Textbook Invoices  (Electronic Process)

Textbook Receipts are pre-paid by a SUB. They do not go through the voucher process, but they do need to be approved.

Per Phyllis in F&B:

The Bookstore bills us via Service Unit Billing (SUB) not IDT.  That means they take the funds out of our account and we reconcile the receipts you provide.  Historically, SUB charges posted in WRS may lag a month or two behind the date on the receipt. We just need copies of the receipts provided by the Bookstore in order to reconcile the charges.  If they can't be scanned and sent to me via email, the batched receipts can be sent to F&B and I'll pick them up.

  •  Pay Sirsi Invoice  and create a PDF.  Add the voucher stamp information and a note about cost of returns. 
  •  Scan the receipts in an electronic document (I suggest in the future adding to voucher line "paid by SUB"  (rg)

  •  Send document thru Docusign thru the normal process.  
  • We should store the pdfs in G drive. G:\Acquisitions & Discovery\Monographs Unit\Invoices\Invoices 20XX-20XX\Invoices - Gobi and other


Returns are collected at the Specialist desk.  Books that meet the criteria for not keeping are removed from Sirsi and set aside immediately.

Once duplicate titles have been reviewed, evaluated, and determined they are to be returned, a Google sheet is started.  Textbook Returns-[semester]-[year]  TEXTBOOK RETURNS FALL 2020

This sheet contains all the fields from the full title list, plus additional fields requested by the Bookstore. Specialist matches each title to the bookstore receipt looking for price charged, receipt#, transaction#, and cashier#. 

All this is recorded on the Google sheet.

All Brief records, POs and invoice lines (if added) are deleted from Sirsi. Any missed titles or POs will be caught in the A&D financial error reports.

Once all the books are recorded, they are boxed up and addressed to the Bookstore.  A copy of the Google sheet is placed in box #1.  It is also shared with Ashleen Norris.

Textbook Returns Box 1 of x

NCSU Bookstores
Shipping & Receiving Dept.
Campus Box 7224
Raleigh, NC 27695

Additional Context from CnRS:

Course Reserves (items not part of the Textbook Program):

  • Generally, faculty work with the library reserves team to add items to Course Reserves, but sometimes they will make a request to a selector or other library colleague.  It may also be the case that we need added copies, replacement copies, or new editions of items on reserve.

  • To order new items or added copies for Course Reserves, send requests to  Colleagues handling Course Reserves will process and coordinate with A&D (Terri submits a CORAL request based on what is in the Course Reserves system).  They will use the RESV fund.  This process ensures that the items are entered into the Reserves system and linked with the correct faculty/course.

Textbook Program:

  • Generally, required textbooks are added to the Textbook Program via a coordinated process that involves the Bookstores, A&D, Access Services, and C&RS.  But sometimes, we need added copies or titles weren't adopted in time for the standard process.

  • To order new items or added copies for items in the Textbook Program (required textbooks can be identified with the Textbook lookup tool or by confirming with the instructor), selectors should use the CORAL form.  Please use LSFIR-TEXT as the fund code.  
  • For Textbook orders from Reserves colleagues: anything that is a required textbook (beyond the bookstore orders) can be routed to A&D via email (and feel free to loop in Bertha or Hilary D. from C&RS as needed).  
  • When ordering an ebook, consider selecting a multiple user model to accommodate multiple users. For ebooks with only a one-user access model, you can also order multiple copies when needed. In rare cases when multiple titles need to be ordered for the Textbook Program, please send to A&D a spreadsheet via email (to Ruth G., Lynn W., and Yan S.).

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