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  • NCSU Libraries began placing one copy of each required course book on Reserves beginning Spring 2009. In Hill, these books are housed in a dedicated space behind the Circulation Desk and are separate from other Reserve materials. In the branches, these books are treated as regular reserves. Textbooks are supplied to us by the Bookstore.

Rush Treatment

  • Each book has a flag in it that reads: Textbooks Reserve. If it is a branch book, it will have a branch flag as well.
  • These materials (along with other Rush) get the highest departmental priority!

Locations & ItemTypes

  • These books should come from Acquisitions with the correct location and item type already in them with the following values:
    • D.H. Hill
      • Library=DHHill
      • Home location=Textbook
      • Item type=Corebook
    • Textiles
      • Library=TEXTILES
      • Home location=Textbook
      • Item type=Corebook
    • Other Branches (will change Home locations to Reserves as part of their normal reserves processing)
      • Library=(specific branch)
      • Home location=Stacks
      • Item type=Book
    • Accompanying Material
      • Enter itemtype "Corebook" for any accompanying material, do NOT use "AC-"

High Level Workflow

  • The NCSU Bookstore sends Wes lists of adopted books on the first of each month preceding the new semester:
    • For Fall term: June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1
    • For Spring term: September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1
    • For Summer term: we are not ordering for summer term, most classes taught during the summer are repeats of fall & spring.
  • The spreadsheet contains title, author, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, price net 20%, and course information and it should be filtered for duplicates (each title should only appear once on the filtered list even if adopted for multiple classes. We can unfilter as desired).
  • The spreadsheet should not include e-books or any other titles the Bookstore does not intend to supply us.
  • What follows is a high level outline of Wes' steps. See his documentation for more detail.
    • Wes compares the Bookstore ISBNs to Symphony and sends Tripp & the branches a list of items that we already hold and that need to be pulled for reserves.
    • Wes creates provisional records to create orders in Sirsi for the titles we do not already hold and/or are:
      • LOST
      • MISSING
      • DUKE
      • VETMED
      • SPECCOLL
      • AACCRR
      • LRL
      • ILL
      • ONLINE
      • WORKCOLL
    • Wes sends list of ISBNs to order to Becky, he also sends a copy to the branches of the titles ordered for them.
    • Wes will alert branches (and other interested parties) when a complete list of all adoptions is available from the bookstore with information about how to access that list.
      • Branches will use the complete list of adoptions to see what texts are required for courses in their branches for that semester (Click here and review step 5 for the list of course prefixes associated with each branch). They will compare that with the lists they have received from Wes of textbook titles on order and textbook titles to pull. If they notice any gaps they will send an order request to Becky for those missing books which will be paid for from the reserves fund. 
      • We will assume that all existing textbooks are in their correct location. So if a branch sees a book in the textbook collection at Hill that they think is meant for one of their courses, just order an additional copy via Becky from the reserves fund.
    • If an added copy is intentionally ordered, a provisional record will not be created. Acq will create this orders manually.
    • Wes sends the ISBN list to OCLC to capture full records. Wes deletes encoding level M, 3, 5 records from the file and puts that file on g:\ for Anne to access
  • Anne deduplicates the file in Connexion in cases where more than one record is returned for a given ISBN, choosing the better record.
  • Wes takes Anne's duplicated file and overlays the provisional records.
  • When the books arrive:
    • Acq receives the book and treats as RapidCat according to the following criteria. Send to M&C if:
      • 050 or 090 not present (record must have at least one of these)
      • 245 does not match title page
      • 250 does not match what is on item
      • 260 does not match some variation of the publisher name on title page or verso
      • 260 does not match date of publication or copyright date on title page or verso
      • 650, 651, 600, 610, 611, 630 not present (record must have at least one of these)
      • Symphony data is brief in ALL CAPS
      • Has accompanying materials (but isn't a "package", see below in the FAQ about "packages")
      • Added copy/Added volume
    • In doing the cataloging, M&C ensures that all ISBNs that are on the piece are also on the MARC record.
    • Acq sets aside any volumes that appear to be duplicates.
      • Acq emails Tripp (and/or branches) with a list of all the duplicates that have volumes in the stacks that need to be pulled. Tripp confirms that they were located.
        • If they are located, Tripp moves them to COREBOOK and Acq keeps them on the duplicate truck.
        • If they are not located, Acq sends to Cataloging with an AC/AV flag.
      • Acq brings duplicate truck to M&C.
        • Patrice and Anne go through the duplicate truck to try to add the Bookstore ISBNs (both 10 digit and 13 digit) to the existing MARC record (confirming that the ISBNs do all represent the same manifestation). See the FAQ below and set aside other questions to discuss with Collection Management.


  • The goal is to minimize the amount of duplicates we receive. Duplicates will continue to arrive each semester if the ISBNs in the Bookstore data do not match the ISBNs on the MARC record. It is, therefore, very important at all stages to work hard to make sure all appropriate ISBNs are on our MARC records.
  • Consider as a duplicate any duplication in CONTENT irrelevant of format.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hardback is in Symphony and the Bookstore supplied a paperback. Is that a duplicate?

  • YES, add the paperback ISBN to the hardback record and return the paperback.

The paperback is in Symphony and the Bookstore supplied a hardback. Is that a duplicate?

  • YES, add the hardback ISBN to the paperback record and return the hardback.

The e-book is in Symphony and the Bookstore supplied a hardback or a paperback. Is that a duplicate?

  • YES, but do not add the hardback/paperback ISBN to the e-book record. The e-book should have it's own ISBN. Return the Bookstore copy. Acq will tell the Bookstore to consider these as sent to us so that they will not re-supply it next term.

The existing copy is LOST/MISSING/WITHDRAWN. Is that a duplicate?

  • Well, it's a duplicate, but we want it anyway. Go ahead and add it but please also confirm that all appropriate ISBNs are on the record.

The book came to M&C from ACQ with an AC/AV flag. Should it be returned?

  • No, if it has an AC/AV flag it was intentionally ordered as an additional copy. Go ahead and add it but please also confirm that all appropriate ISBNs are on the record.

The existing copy is checked out (anywhere in the system). Should we return the Bookstore copy and ask Tripp to recall the existing copy?

  • In general, we are recalling checked out items rather than intentionally ordering duplicates. But, if a duplicate has already arrived ahead of a checked out item, go ahead and add it but please also confirm that all appropriate ISBNs are on the record. (The original plan was to recall the item and then if we can't get it back within a few weeks we buy an additional copy. But if a copy is already checked out and we have this one in hand it seems silly to send it back to possibly reorder later.)

The existing copy is available at a branch but the textbook is for Hill. Should we add the Bookstore copy for Hill or ask Tripp to request that the branch copy be sent to Hill, returning the Bookstore copy?

  • For the original pull list, Tripp is requesting branch books for Hill (and vice versa). But, if a duplicate copy has arrived from the Bookstore and is already in hand, add the duplicate to Hill. The same holds true in reverse: if the duplicate is in hand and is supposed to go to a branch, add it for the branch even if there is an available Hill copy. Please also confirm that all appropriate ISBNs are on the record.

I have a "package" (several items, textbook + accompanying material wrapped in cellophane). How do I handle the accompanying material?

  • Discard the accompanying material, we are not adding it to the collection.