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Under linking is generally caused by quantity/pricing problems. It is necessary to remove all invoice lines and recreate them, saving between these two steps. This should fix the problem.

Error message  Invoice is under linked---

  1. Check all POs, attached to invoice lines, for discrepancies in quantity on the Orderline tab, Segments and/or Invoice lines.
  2. Be sure the Unit price on the PO is correct and not a total of multiple quantities, this can happen when adding POs, invoices for approval.

 Note below:  quantity of 5 @ $594.50, rather than the correct, quantity 5 @ $145.00.

To Correct the PO(s) 

  • Remove title invoice lines from invoice
  • Save your changes
  • Add back the invoice lines
  • Save changes again.
  • Pay invoice

If problem persists, bring to supervisors attention. 

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