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NCVM and BIJO Gift Purchases

  1. Kris Alpi receives a cash gift designated for collections materials.
  2. Gift money is deposited into the VedMed spending account (#679862).
  3. Kris notifies A&D that funds are to be spent on collections materials.
  4. Check clears and funds are available. (Check PeopleSoft to confirm.)
  5. Money is allocated to appropriate fund in Sirsi:
    1. VCFIR-NCVM – Friends of the NC Veterinary Medical Association
    2. VCFIR-BIJO – Bijou gift - Vet Med College Cash Gift fund
    3. Collections materials may be purchased using these funds.
    4. Acquisitions notifies Kris if her purchases exceed the amount of the gift funds allocated.
    5. Kris will allocate additional funds to cover costs.

In some cases, Kris may tell us to purchase the materials immediately, before the check clears. This will be contingent on the presence of additional funds in the spending account.

Purrdey Haven Gift Purchases  PRDH

  1. Kris Alpi is notified of a cash gift designated for special reference collection
  2. Kris notifies A&D of selections to be ordered. 
  3. Material is purchased with the Leah L Dey's Purrdey Haven gift fund VCFIR-PRDH.  (ordering procedures here)
  4. These purchases are often made before the cash gift is received which means the purchase may exceed the VCFIR-PRDH fund allocation.
  5. Notify DPP of relevant invoice numbers and purchase amounts as orders are received.
  6. Gift money is deposited via a request by DPP to F&B for an IDT  (smile)  into the VedMed spending account (#679862) to reimburse us for the materials.
  7. Once the gift money is received via IDT from the VML spending account 682237 (Animal Behavior Service Foundation Account), the VCFIR-PRDH allocation is updated in Sirsi by MC (she will be cc'd by Monographs when they send IDT information to DPP).  At this point the allocation and expenditure on the fund should match.

Kris is aware of the amount she will receive for the Purrdey Haven gift and selects purchases within the amount to be allocated.

See also Purr Dey ordering: Ordering Leah L Dey's Purrdey Haven Gift for VML