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If payment will be made by check to a vendor not already set up in Peoplesoft, we must ask the vendor for a completed W-9. Please email them, and request that the W-9 form be completed at the time of ordering.

You may send them this link:

W-9 form: W-9.pdf

ACH form: ACH Enrollment Form.pdf

University Accounts Payable  will no longer accept documents containing secured (confidential) information (like W-9s, ACH forms, etc.) via EMAIL.

However, in practice (FY 2020 & FY2021), UAP has accepted email attachments of completed documents & scans of voided checks.  Include DPP on any financials email correspondence with the vendor.

Here's the best case scenario for requesting a W-9 or an ACH from a vendor.

Ask them to please send their documents directly to University AP via:

FAX: 919-515-1847

NC State University
Accounts Payable - Vendor Processing
Campus Box 7204
Raleigh, NC

The vendor could also mail their forms to the above address.

When you contact your vendor rep, you can remind him/her that payment will be expedited when they FAX any needed forms promptly to AP.

Ask your rep to send you an email confirmation that the document(s) have been sent to AP.

*If you know in advance that you'll be needing any new forms filled out, please cc DPP on any correspondence with the vendor

*If you are contacted about an address change or a new vendor after you submitted the invoice paperwork to us, please let your DPP contact know when you get confirmation that the forms were sent.

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