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  1. Open the Cataloging module in Sirsi.
  2. Then open the Modify Title wizard, and bring up the bibliographic record for the item you are withdrawing.
  3. Select the Call Number/Item tab, change the Home location to Withdrawn, and save.  If the withdrawn item is on a serial record, make sure the Marc Holdings are corrected to reflect the change.
  4. Remove NCSU's holdings from the bibliographic record in OCLC Connexion if the item you withdrew was the LAST item attached to the record.
  5. Mark out the item’s barcode, call number, and library stamps with permanent marker.
  6. Stamp the item with the Withdrawn stamp in an easily visible place, such as a book’s title page, and write the current date on the appropriate line.
  7. Recycle or dispose of the withdrawn item.

Monographs Preservation CORAL Resource

--Coral assigned, items to withdraw,  will have NO physical volume.  Follow steps 1-4.

Removing holdings in OCLC

Only when withdrawing the last remaining copy attached to a record, or when deleting an entire record.

  1. Open the correct OCLC record in Connexion
  2. Menu: Action
  3. Sub menu: Holdings
  4. Select "Delete Holdings."

Note that, as in the example, if we don't currently have holdings on that record, "Delete Holdings" will be greyed out.

Disposing of withdrawn items

The library cannot sell items purchased with state funds. Withdrawn items cannot go to the booksale for this reason and must be tossed out.