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YBP provides a variety of technical operations for the library for a yearly fee, resulting in processing invoices. Shelf ready processing invoices generally come with the package invoice, others come by direct mail or electronically. These invoices are paid by the Monographs Unit Specialist or an assigned staff person.

For the following invoices > Open PO-44984

  • e-Book Cataloging Service (SVC)
  • Physical processing
  • Physical processing and MARC record
  • NRC Promptcat Pass-through fee
  • NCR UK Promptcat Pass-through fee
  • YBPUK Enhanced LC Record Service

Go to Acquisitions > Invoicing > Add Invoice

  • Invoice ID - number on invoice
  • Vendor ID - YANKEE  

Click on extended info

Add Received date and initials > OK

Click add invoiceline icon

  • Link - ADJUST
    • EXCEPT - for the first invoice entered after roll-over each year. For that one invoice, Link - ORDER.
  • Order ID - PO-44984
  • Add total amount from invoice
  • Add Invoiceline
  • Modify Invoiceline

When over-encumber message appears simply click Cancel.  This will bring you to the invoice screen.

  • Pay Invoice
  • Modify invoice
  • Stamp and complete the invoice process including cover sheet.
  • Continue with Add another invoice.
    • Be certain the received date and initials have been added to each new invoice. 

When all the invoices on PO-44984 are complete, add the total amounts.  

Open PO-44994

  • Subtract the total from the current Unit price and update. .
  • Add to orderline -  the total amount added, date and initials.
  • Save your changes

    PAY --YBP EOCR Service:  on PO-49171 - Paid in July

    PAY --YBP DDA Subscription fee:  on PO-49298  -  Paid in July

    PAY --YBP Gobi Full Service fee:  on PO-49353 -  Paid in July  (GobiPlus, GoBeyond and Reviews Subscription)

    PAY --YBP Holdings Load Service fee:  on PO-54824 - Paid upon receipt
    PAY --YBP-OCLC Plus Subscription:  on PO-53949 -   Paid in late January/Feburary.

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