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Paying YBP invoices that have multiple fund codes used, which result in multiple account numbers appearing in the Funds Summary tab. The distribution of money that appears in the fund summary, is what is recorded by DPP during their voucher reconciliation.

Amounts recorded should ALWAYS be prior to adding shipping line and paying/prorating.

Example of completed invoice

The amounts should be written on the invoice beneath the verification stamp.
If there is more than one item with the same account number, total those amounts and write one figure on the invoice.  (such as with 204050 55600 in the example)

  • Check Fund Summary before adding shipping line.
  • If for some reason the shipping has already been added and paid, do the following:
    • Reverse payment
    • Delete shipping line
    • Modify invoice (save)
    • Bring up the Fund Summary and record the accounts and amounts on the invoice.
    • Add shipping back
    • Pay invoice.

Note the fund summary totals before and after shipping invoiceline is added.  There is a slight difference, which makes a big difference in Peoplesoft.

Fund Summary before adding shipping invoiceline. ...these are the figures that are needed. 


. Fund Summary after shipping is added/paid and prorated.

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