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This page outlines specific steps for adding new MARC holdings records, and for editing current MARC holdings records.

The term "MFHD" is a widely accepted acronym for "MARC Format for Holdings Data", even though it's not in standard usage at the NCSU Libraries. The Library of Congress curates the holdings/MFHD format and they refer to it as "MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data". More experienced catalogers may sometimes refer to a MARC holdings record as the MFHD record for short.


  1. Remove any links to Serials controls by deleting the |= information and related |x. Also remove the copy number |x.
  2. 852 |c should reflect the "Home location" of the item record (in all caps).
  3. 852 |h and 852 |i All call numbers with two cutters should look like this:
    Not this:* |hBV630|i.A1J6
    The main part of the classification number should be in |h, while the 2nd cutter should be in |i.
  1. 852 |x Add your initials in this non-public note.
852 subfield z (public) notes


Fixed Field


Updated = Date of Report MARC21 character position: 008/26-31

System-supplied when changes are made to holdings information. Do not edit this field

yymmdd = Six numeric characters specifying the currency of the holdings information