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From the PCC Documentation

  • Implementation date: Oct. 24, 2008
  • Field 440 has been made obsolete, but it may still exist in bibliographic records. NCSU Libraries will update our Marcive profile so that records sent will be updated to match the new standard. Cataloger's working with original records should use the new 490/830 rules.
  • Please note that if the series statement on the piece exactly matches the authorized form, it is true that the 490 & 830 will be exactly the same. Although this may be regarded as redundant, the fields should not be deleted.
  • NCSU Implementation:
    • Follow the guidelines below for original cataloging.
    • Do NOT flip 440's to 490/830 in new copy cataloging.
    • Marcive will (for free) convert 440 fields to 490/830 as part of our monthly processing. New copy cataloging will, therefore, be corrected when are records are returned from Marcive.
    • We will not be doing any retrospective work at this time.

Coding for 490 first indicator definitions:

The definition of "0" will not change.

The following new definition for "1" is now valid:

  • 1st indicator--Series tracing policy The series has no corresponding added entry (not traced) or has a corresponding 800-830 series added entry field (traced differently).
  • 0 - Series not traced
  • No series added entry is desired for the series.
  • 1 - Series traced in 8XX field

New Definition:

When value "1" is used, the appropriate field 800-830 is included in the bibliographic record to provide the series added entry.


490 1#$aUniform crime reports
830 #0$aUniform crime reports (Washington, D.C.)
(The established form of entry for the series includes a parenthetical qualifier)

490 1#$aDepartment of the Army pamphlet ;$v27-50
830 #0$aDA pam ;$v27-50.
(The established form of the series is different from the series statement appearing on the item.)

490 1#$aDepartment of State publication ;$v7846.$aDepartment and Foreign Service series ;$v128
830 #0$aDepartment of State publication ;$v7846.
830 #0$aDepartment of State publication.$pDepartment and Foreign Service series ;$v128.
(The series statement contains a numbered series and a subseries, and both are to be traced separately.)

490 1#$aThe Pediatric clinics of North America ;$vv. 2, no. 4
830 #4$aThe Pediatric clinics of North America ;$vv. 2, no. 4

490 1#$aBibliographies of modern authors,$x0749-470X ;$vno. 27
830 #0$aBibliographies of modern authors (San Bernardino, Calif.),$x0749-470X ;$vno. 27.