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titleSuspension of MARC Holding Record Edits/Creation

Prior to late 2018 / early 2019, NC State University Libraries maintained MARC holdings for all print serials, or attempted to at least. After it became clear that we no longer have the staff time needed to accurately maintain holdings for such a large collection, the decision was made to eliminate MARC holdings in favor of creating an automated summary statement using information from the item records. Staff should no longer create or edit MARC holdings. As of 6/26/2019, MARC holdings are still present in the catalog, but they are not being maintained or used in the public display. A project is planned to migrate retention notes from the MARC holdings to the serial controls, after which MARC holdings will be removed from the catalog.

This page outlines specific steps for creating new MARC holdings records, and for editing existing MARC holdings records. Consult MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data for more detail.